Cultural Intelligence Certificate Program

Application Deadlines!

  • Spring/Summer 2019: April 18, 2019
  • Fall 2019: August 15, 2019
  • Winter 2020: December 13, 2019

What’s your CQ?

George Brown’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Certificate prepares students to live and work in culturally diverse and rapidly changing environments. Through a combination of workshops, online tutorials, an intercultural development plan, a cultural buddy system and cultural experiences, students will gain highly valued global competencies, enriching their personal brand and differentiating themselves from their peers when launching and navigating their career.

Why should I complete the CQ Certificate?

Research across the globe is telling us that one of the top soft skills employers are looking for is “cultural agility”. This means being able to navigate working with culturally diverse people from all parts of the world. By participating in the CQ Certificate program at George Brown College, students will clearly identify how they navigate working with diverse people and develop plans for improving this soft-skill for resumes that are even more powerful and opportunities for employment advancements.

This program is completely free and open to all George Brown students, whether or not they intend to go abroad.

How is the CQ Certificate delivered?

The CQ Certificate program runs every semester for a period of 12-weeks and is delivered in a blended format, with in-class and online components. Workshops, videos, reflective practice, and assessments are a big part of the program, personalizing the learning experience for each student.

Students can take the CQ program alongside their academic program.

What do I do with the CQ Certificate?

Students who successfully complete the CQ Certificate program can complement their experience by completing a study abroad, exchange or work abroad program offered through the International Centre

We encourage students to search our growing list of study abroad, exchange and work abroad opportunities.

Additionally, students may be interested in completing a work abroad experience with one of the following organizations that facilitate study, work, internship and/or travel abroad opportunities. Contact the Global Mobility team at to explore…

How do I apply for the CQ Certificate?

Please download and the application form and email it completed to: