Canadian Treasures

Canadian Treasures is a celebration of Canada's Preeminent Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism icons, emblems of all that is excellent in the Canadian food and hospitality scene

The foundation of Canadian Treasures is an initiative to spotlight the accomplishments of culinary, hospitality and tourism trailblazers across Canada.

Canadian Treasures honours distinguished organizations in the areas of food, beverage, hospitality, accommodation and tourism. The initiative highlights the critical role these organizations play as best in class leaders, in showcasing the best qualities of their regions, and in advancing local economic and cultural development.

An important benefit of Canadian Treasures is the involvement of students in hands-on learning beyond the classroom. As part of the program students will participate in field placements and regional travel, enabling them to discover the industry's top employers and develop job relevant skills to succeed in the future.

As an ongoing, inclusive and non-competitive program, Canadian Treasures will continue to commend notable hospitality and tourism organizations. View and explore our honorees:

2017 Canadian Treasure Honorees

2018 Canadian Treasure Honorees