The Mentoring Partnership at George Brown College

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The Mentoring Partnership at George Brown College connects skilled immigrants with international work experience (Mentees) and established professionals (Mentors) in occupation-specific mentoring relationships.

The program is targeted to eligible immigrants who are actively seeking work in their field. Through a one-on-one professional connection with a Mentor, Mentees gain valuable insights into the labour market and access to professional networks.


Am I Eligible?

  • Are you a George Brown student in the final semester of your program?
  • Have you recently immigrated to Canada?
  • Do you have at least 2 years of international work experience in your profession?
  • Are you looking for a professional connection in your field?

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Who can be a Mentee?

Mentees must:

  • have lived in Canada for less than five years and have limited or no Canadian work experience in their profession OR have re-engaged with their profession through academic training or bridging within the past two years
  • have the English skills required to perform effectively in the workplace
  • have at least two years of international work experience in their areas of expertise
  • have achieved at least a bachelor’s degree – or equivalent post-secondary education – from outside Canada
  • have permanent residence status
  • be currently unemployed or underemployed, i.e. not working in their field of expertise
  • be actively seeking work in their field

How the Mentee Benefits:

  • gains a better understanding of the Canadian workplace and industry trends
  • develops more effective job search strategies
  • builds a local professional network
  • identifies ways to leverage experience and skills

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Who Can be a Mentor?

Mentors must have worked in their field at least three years and have a combination of industry knowledge and business experience. They should have active links to professional associations and business networks.

Mentors Support Mentees in:

  • understanding the Canadian context of their profession and workplace culture
  • sharing information on their industry and occupation
  • developing their professional networks and job search strategies

How the Mentor Benefits:

  • enhances leadership and coaching skills
  • develops cross-cultural communication skills
  • gains a better understanding of the skills and experience that immigrants bring
  • becomes more aware of the job market and industry trends

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The Mentoring Commitment

Mentors and Mentees commit to a total of 18 hours over three months. Meetings can be in person, online, over the phone and include referral meetings.

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Contact and Funders/Partner Information

If you are interested in registering as a Mentee or becoming a Mentor for the program please contact The Mentoring Partnership Coach at George Brown College:
416.415.5000 ext. 2490

The Mentoring Partnership at George Brown College is a collaboration between Career Services, The School of Immigrant and Transitional Education and the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

The Mentoring Partnership is a Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) program.

TRIEC creates and champions solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants in the Greater Toronto Region labour market. To learn more visit the TRIEC website Open New Browser Window

Program Funders

The Mentoring Program Funders: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Govt_ of Ontario, Manulife Financial

Funding Partner

The Mentoring Program Funding Partner: TD Bank