Become a Mentor

  • Calling all Professionals

    By giving just 1.5 hours of your time per week, over three months, you can help change someone’s life.

    You may be eligible to become a Mentor if you

    • have worked for at least two years in your field in Canada;
    • can commit 18 hours of your time over three months;
    • want to share your industry knowledge and contacts with others;
    • want to develop professionally;
    • are thinking about your professional legacy.

    Mentors make a difference

  • Support a Mentee

    • advise them on their occupation or industry in Canada to help them prepare for employment;
    • provide information on employment and / or educational opportunities within their chosen profession;
    • share your networks and professional contacts;
    • support them to maintain self-confidence in a new society, workplace and culture;
    • help them realize their full potential.

    Become a Mentor

    Please fill out the form below and our Mentoring Coach will be in touch.

    Contact the Mentoring Coach
    416.415.5000 ext. 2490

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