The Mentoring Partnership at George Brown College

Mentoring changes lives. See how it can change yours.

75% of mentees

find a job in their field within 1 year

96% of mentors

report having enhanced their coaching, leadership, interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills

58 employer partners

across all sectors recruit mentors from among their staff, and help change the lives of hundreds of immigrant professionals every year

Benefits of being a Mentee or Mentor

Mentees Mentors
  • build a local professional network
  • gain a better understanding of the Canadian workplace and industry trends
  • identify ways to leverage experience and skills
  • develop more effective job search strategies
  • enhance leadership and coaching skills
  • develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • gain a better understanding of the skills and experience that immigrants bring
  • become a leader in today’s diverse workplace

Contact the Mentoring Coach
416.415.5000 ext. 2490

Program Funders

The Mentoring Program Funders: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Govt_ of Ontario, Manulife Financial

Funding Partner

The Mentoring Program Funding Partner: TD Bank