Employee FAQ

Having a hard time connecting to that printer or resetting your password? Want to find out how to check your paystub? Looking for information on how to access PD opportunities? Below you’ll find a list of work-related FAQs for George Brown College employees.


How do I find Blackboard support?

You can call the Blackboard support helpline at 416–415–5000 ext. 4320. It is available 24/7 for George Brown faculty.
You can also find more resources and FAQs on GBC's Blackboard page.

Employee information (benefits, ID cards, paystubs, timesheets, vacation balances)

Full-time employees can access and update their information and submit timesheets on STU-VIEW. Log into STU-VIEW using your employee number and password.
If you are a part-time or contract employee, you are not expected to fill out a timesheet. Please speak with your manager about work hours and expectations.

How do I learn more about my dental and health benefits?
  1. Eligible employees can log into STU-VIEW and go to the Employee Self-Service section.
  2. Click Pay Information and then click SunLife.
  3. Sign into your ‘my Sun Life’ account or set up your account.

If you’re unsure if you are eligible for dental and health benefits coverage, please contact HR (hr@georgebrown.ca)

How do I get an employee ID card or replace a lost one?

Find information on employee ID at georgebrown.ca/employees/id-card.

How do I see my pay stubs?
  1. Log into STU-VIEW and go to the Employee Self-Service section.
  2. Click Pay Information and then click Pay Stub.

If you have specific questions about your pay rate, speak with your manager. Faculty and support staff can also refer to their OPSEU collective agreements for details (see the Employee Contacts and Information FAQ section below).

How do I submit a timesheet?

Please note: only full-time employees are expected to fill out timesheets.

  1. Full-time employees can log into STU-VIEW and go to the Employee Self-Service section.
  2. Click Leave Report.
  3. Choose the month you’d like to submit the timesheet for from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the appropriate information in the table.
  5. Click Submit for approval.

Managers can then approve timesheets in STU-VIEW.

If you have specific questions about your timesheet, speak with your manager. Faculty and support staff can also refer to their OPSEU collective agreements for details (see the Employee Contacts and Information FAQ section below).

How do I check my vacation balance?
  1. Log into STU-VIEW and go to the Employee Self-Service section.
  2. Click Leave Balances.

If you have specific questions about your vacation balance, speak with your manager. Faculty and support staff can also refer to their OPSEU collective agreements for details (see the Employee Contacts and Information FAQ section below).

Concerns and complaints

Employees who would like to express concerns or file complaints can contact their Human Resources representative at hsw@georgebrown.ca (Health, Safety and Wellness) or hr@georgebrown.ca (general HR questions).

Faculty and support staff can contact their union locals (see the Employee Contacts and Information FAQ section below).

All employees can also connect with the Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights.

Employee contacts and information — Human Resources, job postings and union contacts

How do I find my HR representative?

You can connect with Human Resources via the following three emails:

How do I find internal job postings?

You can find employment opportunities within the college by logging into Cornerstone and clicking Employee Career Centre.

Sign into Cornerstone with the following username: your employee number followed by @georgebrown.ca. For example: 12345@georgebrown.ca and your college password.

Job postings are also listed in our weekly @GBC employee newsletter.

How do I connect with my local union representative?

George Brown College support staff are represented by OPSEU Local 557. You can find your collective agreement and contact information at local557.ca.

George Brown College faculty are represented by OPSEU Local 556. You can find your collective agreement and contact information at opseu556.org.

Navigating around the college

How do I find floor plans and maps of George Brown campuses and locations?

Find general information about all college building locations, including public transit and parking options, on the Campuses and Locations page.

Find floorplans for each campus at the following:

How do I find the right person, or team, at the college?

Find colleagues via the Employee Directory.

To find a specific team, here’s a list of college services and offerings available, along with a list of academic centres and schools:

College Services
  • Athletics - Offers varsity sports, fitness centres and classes at Casa Loma and St James campuses.
  • Academic Excellence - Offers continuous academic quality improvement through the development and review of academic programs, curriculum support and academic policies.
  • Alumni - Offers career advising services, value-added benefits and discounts, and awards to George Brown alumni.
  • Call Centre - Offers customer service and customer relationship management for the entire college.
  • College Council - Offers representation across the college community to provide timely feedback to the President on issues of college-wide significance.
  • Communications - Offers strategic corporate and employee communications, including media relations, social media and integrated communications planning.
  • Facilities Management - Offers expertise on engineering and building operations, maintenance and renovations, shipping/receiving, housekeeping and parking.
  • Finance - Offers college-wide expenditure management and resource allocation including purchasing, accounts payable, insurance, financial planning and budgeting, and accounts receivable.
  • Foundation - Offers support of the College’s mandate of increasing accessibility to education by raising money to support student success through scholarships, bursaries and awards.
  • Human Resources & Public Safety and Security - Offers services related to human resources including payroll; benefits and pensions; learning and development; talent management; labour relations; health safety and wellness; diversity equity and human rights; and public safety and security.
  • Institutional Research - Offers accurate analysis and insightful institutionally based research of relevance to the college community.
  • ITS (Information Technology Services) - Offers helpdesk and IT support for the college’s employees and classrooms.
  • Library Learning Commons - Offers an innovative hub of learning and research that provides access to information resources, facilities for learning, technology, and expertise required by our diverse learning community.
  • Marketing - Offers brand strategy of the college and its programs through advertising campaigns, digital and social media marketing and website publishing.
  • Office of Anti-Racism, Equity and Human Rights - promotes fairness, equity, accountability and transparency at George Brown College and manages human rights complaints, advises and raises awareness on diversity and inclusion.
  • Office of the RegistrarOffers academic and student support services from the moment of application through to convocation.
  • Office of Research & Innovation - Offers facilities to prototype, design and test new products and supports applied research, commercialization and scholarship.
  • Student Services - Offers a broad range of services including: accessible learning services; career services; counselling; financial aid/assistance; housing services; locker rentals; and the Office of Student Concerns and Support.
  • Strategy & Planning - Offers Institutional Research, Strategic Planning as well as Strategic Project Portfolio management, advising on emerging risks and opportunities to develop transformative strategies for the organization, drive better decisions and results.
  • Teaching & Learning Exchange (TLX) - Offers professional development regarding teaching and learning
    Academic Centres & Schools

    Networking and Professional Development

    All employees can register for events and professional development workshops on Cornerstone. Find out more on the Employee Learning & Development page.

    Faculty can learn more about professional development regarding teaching and learning via the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TLX).

    How can I connect with other employees from across the college?

    Every August we host a college-wide event called GBConnects. We celebrate achievements within the college community and showcase upcoming plans. This event provides a great opportunity for all employees to meet people from divisions and departments across the college.

    You can learn about other college events and workshops by logging into Cornerstone.

    How do I learn about upcoming professional development opportunities?
    1. Log into Cornerstone.
    2. Go to Employee Learning and select Learning Calendar from the drop-down.
    3. Choose a workshop or event and register.
    How do I access professional online development and learning tools?

    All George Brown employees have free access to thousands of instructional videos on LinkedIn Learning.

    How do I access other online tools?

    Explore the range of online tools available to employees and find information and quick access to many of the systems you use on a daily basis on Digital Tools.

    Tech support

    George Brown employees can call the Help Desk at (416) 415-5000 ext. 4357 (HELP) with technology-related questions.

    Employees can also use GBC Assist to submit help desk requests. You can also check the knowledge base to find answers to tech questions. Here are a few of the most common questions:

    How do I connect to college Wi-Fi?

    Find instructions on how to connect the George Brown College’s Wi-Fi on Android and Apple devices in the GBC Assist knowledge base, in the Network and Connectivity section.

    How do I connect to a printer?

    Find instructions on how to add a printer or connect to printers across the college in the GBC Assist knowledge base, in the Computers and Devices section.

    How to I reset or change my password?

    Find instructions on how to reset or change your password in the GBC Assist knowledge base, in the Access and Accounts section.

    How do I fix problems with my email?

    You can find instructions on how to fix common email problems on GBC Assist, in the Communication and Collaboration section. Employees can contact the Help Desk at (416) 415-5000 ext. 4357 (HELP).

    How do I set up my email signature in Outlook?

    To create an email signature in Outlook, follow these steps:

    1. Open a new message.
    2. Within the new message, go to the Signatures tab in the top menu.
    3. Click Edit Signatures.
    4. Under Select signature to edit, click the plus sign (+) and, type a name for the signature.
    5. Under ‘edit signature’, compose your signature using the formatting tools.
    6. Click save.

    If you have more questions about email, you can call the Help Desk at (416) 415-5000 ext. 4357 (HELP).

    You can also use GBC Assist to submit help desk requests. You can also check the knowledge base to find answers to tech questions.

    What should I do with spam messages?

    Delete it without opening the message.

    ITS is doing everything that can be done at a system level to reduce spam, but you can help by being vigilant when in Outlook or on the Internet by doing the following:

    • Delete suspicious emails without opening or replying to them.
    • Use your George Brown Outlook and computer systems for college-related business only. You are less likely to visit sites that may generate spam from non-college business related emailers.
    • Recognize that scammers may use email to cajole or demand you provide personal information, credit card details, usernames and passwords. These messages could look like they come from a major bank, financial institution or communications provider, or they could contain heartfelt stories of financial hardship and loss. Do not respond to these messages. Be suspicious of any offer that sounds too good to be true, because it probably is.
    • Don’t reward spamming by buying products or services advertised in a spam message.
    • When you’re online, look for options, such as automatically selected tick boxes, that indicate you agree to receiving further information.
    • Check the terms and conditions when you purchase products or sign up for services or email newsletters, to ensure you are not consenting to receiving commercial messages and that the site does not permit re-selling of e-mail addresses.

    If you have more questions about email, you can call the Help Desk at (416) 415-5000 ext. 4357 (HELP).

    You can also use GBC Assist to submit help desk requests. You can also check the knowledge base to find answers to tech questions.

    What is the college doing to stop spam?

    We are taking all available steps to reduce spam while ensuring legitimate email is delivered. We work proactively and aggressively to address spam in the following ways:

    • We employ the leading spam filtering technology, which blocks approximately 95 per cent of incoming email before it reaches your inbox. This prevents you from having to wade through a sea of spam messages just to get to your actual email.
    • We have processes in place to identify spam not caught by the spam filter, and work with our firewall vendor, internet service providers, and law enforcement to thwart spammers, and to improve filtering generally.
    • We filter outgoing mail to reduce the likelihood of college-originated spam being transmitted externally. This reduces the possibility of the college’s mail being rejected by the wider Internet community as unsafe.
    • We track court cases and pending legislation to ensure we continue to comply with our legal obligations and are aware of actions we can take on behalf of the college community to reduce the nuisance of spam.

    Given our environment of academic freedom, we need to tread carefully to reduce the risk of blocking legitimate email from reaching its destination. Our top priority is that none of your legitimate mail be blocked simply because some automated process we were running mistook it for spam. The college believes it is a better to err on the side of blocking a little less spam in order to ensure that all legitimate email is delivered. No system such as this is 100 per cent effective, but we are constantly working on improving the intelligence of our spam prevention methods.

    How do I get help with research or data-driven projects?

    If you’re interested in initiating an academic research project, please reach out to the Office of Research and Innovation.

    If you’re looking for assistance with data-driven projects and insightful analysis, please connect with Institutional Research & Planning.

    Working remotely

    Guidelines have been established to assist employees in performing effectively while working in remote circumstances. Guidelines for working remotely have been developed for both employees and supervisors.

    How do I set up my computer access when working remotely?
    • Office 365 - georgebrown.ca/current-students/websites-apps-technical-support/office-365/ - Find clear information concerning all Microsoft Office 365 applications used at the college.
    • MS Teams – georgebrown.ca/current-students/websites-apps-technical-support/office-365/ Find MS Teams within Microsoft Office 365.
    • Online support help for common tools – Collaboration continues even when we work remotely, and the college uses Microsoft tools to connect for calls, conferencing, sharing files and chatting. Microsoft Teams is a one-stop solution and is enabled for all employees. Easy online training for all Microsoft tools can be accessed at: https://support.office.com/
    • One Drive – Files saved in One Drive can be accessed from any device and any location. We encourage you to move your files to One Drive for this easy and secure access.
    • Apps Anywhere – Common academic software is available through Apps Anywhere. Information on this tool is available at: georgebrown.ca/appsanywhere/. To access the login page, visit: https://appsanywhere.georgebrown.ca/login
    • VPN – a VPN allows a secure connection to the network from outside of the college. VPN is primarily used for connecting to Banner. Most of our other applications (e.g. Office 365, STU-VIEW, etc.) can be accessed directly through the cloud or Apps Anywhere. For detailed VPN instruction, go to: georgebrown.ca/connecting-remotely
    Who do I contact if I’m having computer problems while working remotely?

    You can contact George Brown’s IT Help Desk: helpdesk@georgebrown.ca.

    How do I prevent injury or strain while working remotely?

    To ensure that all employees are protected from personal injury while working remotely, managers and employees should communicate frequently and discuss health and safety best practices and potential hazards.

    Wondering where to start? Follow these recommendations from the Health, Safety and Wellness team:

    • Employees should conduct an assessment of their work environment and report any work-related hazards to their manager.
    • Consider ergonomic challenges or hazards and develop solutions to reduce the risk of injury (healthy use of laptops at home and healthy use of laptops everywhere).
    • Managers and employees should discuss protocols for evacuating from the home or temporary workplace to a safe location if needed, and how to contact the employer in case of an emergency.
    • Review safe workplace practices, keeping in mind that some procedures, equipment or supplies may have to be avoided, substituted or modified for a safer alternative.
    • Employees are encouraged to review the process for reporting work-related incidents or injuries, and managers should investigate any incidents so that prevention measures can be identified and put in place.

    If you sustain an injury while working remotely, contact your direct manager/department chair to initiate the incident reporting process. Any questions about the incident reporting process can be directed to the Health, Safety and Wellness team:

    Kaley Keefe (Casa Loma) – Kaley.Keefe@georgebrown.ca
    Catherine Bergeron (St. James) – Catherine.Bergeron@georgebrown.ca
    Jacqueline Abel (Waterfront) – Jacqueline.Abel@georgebrown.ca

    If an employee is injured while working from home and then seeks medical attention beyond first aid or requires modified duties, they may be eligible for a WSIB claim. WSIB will review cases on an individual basis, based on incident details and medical information.

    Any questions regarding the WSIB process can be directed to Roanna Moses, Manager of Disability and Accommodation at Roanna.Moses@georgebrown.ca.


    Who do I contact with a question about my pay?

    Administrative employees can contact Irma Reyes at Irma.reyes@georgebrown.ca.

    Full-time faculty can contact Cecilia Nguyen at cnguyen34@georgebrown.ca.

    Full-time support employees can contact Jane Espedido at jespedid@georgebrown.ca.

    Non-permanent employees can contact payroll@georgebrown.ca.

    How do I update my banking information for payroll direct deposits?

    Employees who need to update their banking information should email payroll@georgebrown.ca​​​

    Where can I find my T4?

    Employees can find access their T4 statements on STU-VIEW.

    1. Click the Employee Self Service tab.
    2. Click the Tax Forms tab.
    3. Click Slips for Income Tax return and select the tax year from the drop-down.


    Where do I find information about college contracts?

    All college contracts must be in writing and all contracts must be prepared using either a college contract template, or a legally approved (whether internal or external) contract document.

    Contract templates can be found at insite.georgebrown.ca/procurement/default.aspx.

    A contract must only be signed by the authority as set out in the college Signing Limit and Approval Policy.

    Contract organizing

    The college uses Bonfire Contract Management Module to organize contracts.


    All purchase of products or services are subject to the BPS (Broader Public Sector) Directives, Interim Procurement Directive (concerning contracts), CETA and CFTA trade agreements.

    For contract questions, contact Wray Hodgson, Manager, Purchasing, at whodgson@georgebrown.ca.

    I have assets (machinery, furniture or equipment) in my department that are no longer needed. What do I do?

    The college uses govdeals.ca to dispose of assets. Any funds raised stay within your department.

    If you have questions, contact Wray Hodgson, Manager, Purchasing, at whodgson@georgebrown.ca.

    How to I order personal protective equipment (PPE)?

    Contact Facilities for delivery to your department.

    St. James Campus – (416) 415-5000 ext. 2363
    Casa Loma Campus – (416) 415-5000 ext. 4312
    Waterfront Campus – (416) 415-5000 ext. 3374


    How do I submit a story idea for GBCommunity?

    George Brown brims with inspiring success stories and exciting new initiatives. If you have a story idea that you want to share, email GBCommunity’s editor, Amanda Mifsud: Amanda.Mifsud@georgebrown.ca