Ambition Nutrition Symposium

LOCATION: 300 Adelaide Street East
DEPARTMENT: Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts
PHONE NUMBER: 416-415-5000 x3024


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The Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts is pleased to announce the third annual Ambition Nutrition Symposium 2018. This year's theme is 'Bringing it Home' where we explore and reveal how to 'bring print to plate', finding the most credible information for your customers, clients, patients and families to bridge the gap between nutrition, and what ends up on the plate. The symposium will focus on nutrition in theory and practice, as well as examining the gaps and opportunities that exist between research, education, nutrition, diet, and the culinary arts.

On May 16th, join academic professionals, dietitians, culinary experts, and industry leaders for an interactive day filled with discussions, workshops and presentations. Our keynote speaker is internationally renowned Dr. Kelly Brownell, Dean of the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. We will also be joined by Chef Christine Cushing, a veteran in the food and television industry and food and nutrition expert, Nishta Saxena,RD. Returning this year will be David Ludwig, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School expert and 'Obesity Warrior' and Chef Dawn Ludwig as they discuss the science and application from their books Always Hungry? to Always Delicious.

Rounding out the day will be a choice of interactive breakout sessions, book early to get your first choice of sessions!

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