Supporting the Student Body: A Video Series

The process of helping a student body to thrive is kind of like what goes into keeping a human body alive.

There are lots of bodily processes that operate at many different scopes and scales, and they all work together as one big system. There are solo processes that work away on their own, and there are collaborative processes that just wouldn’t function without the input of others.

Environmental factors influence the body’s functioning, too! For example: if you put the body in a hostile climate… if you don’t feed it constantly… if you don’t give it room to move and explore… if it receives too much or too little stimulation… all of these things make it harder and harder for the body to thrive.

Similarly, there are many different people, projects, and programs that all work to support the flourishing of the George Brown College student body. The Healthy Campus Initiative is partially here to weave all of these processes together into one unified force for student mental health and wellbeing… because we’re better together!

We asked the following people to talk about their work through the lens of mental health, and this is what they told us:

Supporting the Student Body: The International Centre


Supporting the Student Body: Career Services


Supporting the Student Body: The Community Action Centre


Help us add to our growing collection of videos by telling us about the role that you, your project, or your program plays in making the GBC student body thrive. You might just be our next Healthy Campus star!