A Healthy Campus for Students

Four ways to thrive at George Brown College

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Here are four ways to thrive at George Brown College, and to help others thrive, too!

1.  Connect and work together

Every community is based on strong relationships. George Brown is a place to learn, meet friends, and make connections with members of the college community.

Here are some ways to get connected:

Smiling George Brown College students hugging each other

2. Talk it out

Managing all of your demands can be tough. The college community can support your efforts to create balance.

Here’s how to get support:

  • Meet with a counsellor. They support students by talking through academic and personal challenges and by helping build skills to manage stress and increase well-being. Counsellors are available at every campus. Their services are free, confidential and open to every student.
  • Talk to your program coordinator. They want to help you succeed and can connect you to resources across the college.
  • Looking for an after-hours resource? Connect with www.good2talk.ca – a free, confidential helpline providing professional counselling and information and referrals for Ontario college students.
Happy George Brown College students in a cafeteria

3. Take care of yourself

Everyone gets stressed out. Sometimes stress creates obstacles to accomplishing our goals. Taking time out for yourself is a crucial element of thriving at school!

Here are some ways to take a breather on campus:

Connect with a peer coach from Peerconnect to develop strategies for well-being in your life. Peer coaches meet with students one-on-one or in a group and can connect you to college resources.

Check out George Brown's athletics and recreation programs for fitness classes, gym hours and organized sports.

Quit smoking. George Brown is a smoke-free environment. If you want to quit, get in touch with our Student Life team - via email studentlife@georgebrown.ca - for resources and support.

4. Be kind – it’s contagious

The words we speak and the way we interact matters. A small act to help another person can go a long way. Showing others that we care about their well-being creates a healthier campus environment for all!

Here’s how:

  • Use respectful language that lifts people up rather than language that puts them down. The diversity of our community is one of our greatest strengths. See someone who looks stressed or upset? Take a minute to ask if they’re OK or tell someone else who can help.
  • How do your actions impact others? Spread compassion, be respectful and try to see a situation from another’s point of view.
  • Does someone look lost? Help them figure out where they need to go.

Feeling Stressed? Meditate! Peerconnect has created a series of two-minute videos about all the different ways that you can succeed in school. Check out the video they made about meditation for a quick way to unwind.