Staff & Faculty: Shaping a Healthy Campus

Faculty member explaining work to a student

As staff and faculty, it’s important that you have access to tools and supports that help you make the most out of your influence on student well-being. One focus of the Healthy Campus Initiative is on creating practical tools and learning opportunities for staff and faculty that will:

  1. Equip you with the basic knowledge and skills to create supportive and enabling learning environments and college spaces.
  2. Provide you with opportunities to share your skills for supporting student well-being and learn from other staff and faculty.

Here are some ways that the Healthy Campus Initiative can support you:

Foundations for Flourishing

This is a three-part workshop series designed to teach you the foundational skills needed to support students and build caring campus environments.

Completing the workshop series makes you a Healthy Campus Champion, identifying you as someone who makes George Brown a safer, more supportive place and giving you access to a network and community of people who do the same. Find out more about the Foundations for Flourishing workshop series

Tailored Workshops, Presentations, and Discussion Spaces

Do you have a team meeting coming up? Consider inviting the Healthy Campus Initiative! We can develop a tailored workshop or presentation for your team on a variety of topics related to student mental health and well-being. Our Healthy Campus Initiative coordinator can facilitate team discussions, brainstorms, or strategic planning for you on issues related to student well-being.

Guide to Giving a Great Referral at GBC

In response to feedback from workshop participants, the Healthy Campus Initiative has developed a pocket guide for GBC staff who want to know more about how to connect students with the services and resources that are available to them. This guide contains useful tips for giving a great referral, and all the information you need to know about referring students to GBC services. These guides are available electronically and in print. For more information about how to get a copy of the guide, click here.

Contact us!

We’d love to hear from you about what you need and what you’re doing already when it comes to supporting student mental health and well-being. If you or your team is interested in knowing more about the Healthy Campus Initiative or collaborating on a project, please get in touch.

Email Kate Klein (Research & Education Coordinator, Healthy Campus Initiative)

As GBC staff, your well-being matters just as much as that of students. For more information on what George Brown College is doing to support your mental and physical health, check out the work of the Health, Wellness, and Life Learning Committee.