WAVE Clinics Full Dentures Registration Form

This online registration form is for clients who require full (both upper and lower) dentures.

A full denture replaces a completely toothless upper and lower jaw.

To register for all other denture and dental services, please call (416) 415-4547 or visit the WAVE Clinics reception at Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences, 51 Dockside Drive, 3rd Floor, Room 314.

Please read the following before filling out the online application below.

  1. The full denture treatment is performed by a student(s) registered in the Denturism program at George Brown College and under the direct supervision of qualified dental professionals. George Brown College accepts clients to the clinical facilities based on their suitability for teaching purposes and reserves the right to refuse any client deemed not suitable.
  2. If you become a client of the WAVE Dental Clinics, appointments will be scheduled on the days and times that the assigned student is available.
  3. As our students are developing their dental skills, your treatment will require multiple appointments. Dentures typically require between 6 to 9 appointments.
  4. Denture clinics operate during the academic year from September to April.
  5. After completing and submitting the online registration form, you will be automatically placed in queue for client screening.  While we do our best to respond to requests in a timely manner, please be aware that we receive a high volume of treatment requests.  
  6. Our response to your request will be based on the time of year that you make your request, the type of treatment that you require, and your suitability for teaching purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not uncommon for it to take several weeks, and in some cases months, to be assigned to one of our students.  There's no need to re-register once you've submitted the form online.