Interprofessional Education IPE Links

The links given below showcase a wide variety of IPE activities from Canada and other parts of the world.


Organizations web sites, description
Health Force Ontario

This page discusses the Interprofessional Care (IPC) project that is currently active in Ontario
IECPCP page from Health Canada

This page discusses some of the IECPCP initiatives and also has links to some other IPE sites
National Health Sciences Students Association -

This page talks about Interprofessional Education and Practice
The Canadian Interprofessional Health collaborative

This site is a pan-Canadian collaboration promoting IECPCP across Canada
Centre for Advancement of Interprofessional Care - U.K.

An  voluntary organization that has been promoting IPE activities across the UK since 1987
University of Manitoba - IPE page

This page describes some of the IPE activities at the University of Manitoba
University of Toronto - Office of Interprofessional Care

The Office of Interprofessional Care at the University of Toronto has been a leader in IPE activities
McMaster University IPE Page

This page describes some of the IPE activities at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
University of British Columbia IPE Page

This site describes the various IPE activities currently underway at the University of British Columbia
Ryerson University - R U Interprofessional