GBC research team creates critical thinking assessment guidelines

George Brown College researchers have developed a rubric and created a handbook for post-secondary educators to incorporate critical thinking skills into their curriculum.

Gary Kapelus, Nancy Miyagi and Valerie Scovill spent three years studying critical thinking skills and, in May 2017, published their results, Building Capacity to Measure Essential Employability Skills: A Focus on Critical Thinking Open New Browser Window. The research was funded by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario Open New Browser Window.

Critical thinking (CT) is one of the Essential Employability Skills Ontario college students must demonstrate by the end of their program.

George Brown faculty and students from across the college were involved in the three-year study. The study attempts to address one fundamental question: How do we measure student learning of this essential skill during the course of a program of study? To answer this question, the research team developed a three-phase methodology that included a highly collaborative process for developing a valid assessment tool for CT while enhancing General Education/Liberal Arts faculty participants’ skills in teaching and assessing CT within their courses.  Insights gathered from the project led to the development of the Critical Thinking: Learning, Teaching and Assessment — A Teacher’s Handbook PDF icon, which included both the new CT rubric as well as resources to explain and support the use of the six CT constructs in the development of curriculum and assignments.