Uptown Downtown

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  • Hands-on Experience

    School of Fashion & Jewellery offers students an opportunity to gain real-world fashion industry experience through a dynamic capstone project running two fashion stores within George Brown College – City Uptown and City Downtown.

    Teams of management students are required to open, run and close a fashion store in just ten weeks! They conduct a situation analysis, define their target audience and store brand image, select and merchandise product, and market and monitor their business with the aim of generating a profit.

    This experience provides student with an opportunity to practice their leadership, planning, management, organizational control, problem solving and human relations management skills - all skills essential for a long-term success in the garment industry.

    The outlets are open in the fall and winter semesters, Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (excluding holidays) in room C432 at Casa Loma Campus, 160 Kendal Ave.
    Call (416) 415-5000 ext. 4840 for more information.