Eva Huang, PhD, MBA, MA


As a global minded researcher and educator, Dr. Huang undertook her undergraduate education in China, got MBA and MA degrees in England, and obtained a PhD in Australia. She has extensive education and work experience globally, so far, China, England, Australia and Canada, with positions including HR managers, assistant health and safety manager, research associate, and HR consultant. She has passion in teaching and research. She enjoys experiencing the differences and has insights in multiculturalism.

Academic Credentials

PhD in HRM, the University of South Australia, 2014MBA in general management, the University of Sheffield, 2006MA in Education, the University of Sheffield, 2005

Areas Of Specialization

Human Resources Management.

Areas Of Expertise

Human resources management, Public sector/non-profit organization management, Research methods, Multiculturalism and diversity management.

Career Highlights

Dr. Huang has extensive international education and work experience. She has been teaching at various post-secondary institutions both in Australia and Canada. She works as a research associate with the University of South Australia (Australia), where she was also a research assistant and teaching assistant. She was an Assistant Manager of Health and Wellbeing at the Sheffield Chinese Community Centre, England. She was an HR Manager at a district school board prior to pursuing her PhD in Australia.

Other Activities

Dr. Huang is the ad hoc reviewer for Asian Pacific Journal of Management, Chinese Management Studies, and Academy of Management annual conference. She is also an HR consultant for two district school boards on a voluntary basis.


PhD Conference Scholarships, University of South Australia, 2014President’s PhD Scholarship, University of South Australia, 2010-2014 Management School Scholarship, University of South Australia, 2010-2014Completion Scholarship, University of South Australia, 2013International Travel Grant, University of South Australia, 2011


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