PHYSICAL WELLNESS - Respecting your body's own uniqueness and diversity, engaging in practices that move you towards a higher level of health like regular physical activities, such as exercise or sports, proper nutrition, health care and personal hygiene. Optimal physical well-being includes connecting with your physical self and avoiding harmful habits.

"Taking It Off"

offWant to lose weight? Do you have a plan of your own? Do you want to learn about the plans others are using to lose weight? Here is your chance. Each "Taking It Off" participant determines their own path to weight-loss and shares their experiences with the group as they experiment with everything from Acupuncture to Canada's Food Guide to the South Beach Diet to Walking. While there may be lots of fun involved, no prizes are offered besides bragging rights and no one is ever voted off the Island.

Join the journey toward a healthier lifestyle. This group gives you a chance to track your progress, pick up weight loss tips, get support and connect with others who are fighting the good fight.

Weekly Drop In Meetings:

St. James
Wednesdays 1-2pm

Casa Loma
Thursdays 1-2pm

Interested please contact Staff Development by email at staffdev@georgebrown.ca or call ext. 4932.

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Anything you want to add, comments, questions - email employeewellbeing@georgebrown.ca