Administering Assessments

Modifying Tests for Online Delivery

Reconsidering whether to keep your tests as they were prior to the disruption? Here are some things to consider:

  • No on-campus proctoring services are currently available, so treat every test as open book
  • Not all students will have access to computers to take the test. Many will only have their phones.

Alternative Assessments

If an online test is not ideal under the current disruption consider whether there is another way to assess your students. If you would like support in devising alternatives, consider contacting an Instructional Designer, Curriculum Specialist or UDL Specialist for consultation.

Blackboard has a lot of great resources to assist faculty in converting their face-to-face tests for the online environment.

See the Blackboard Essentials page for more information.

Accommodations and Settings

Contact a UDL or Accessibility Specialist for questions such as:

  • I have students who need accommodations. How can I set that up?
  • Can I change access for just one student?