Blackboard Faculty FAQs

I cannot log into Blackboard:

*See update at the top of the page*

Log in in to your Blackboard using:

Password: current system password

If you’re still unable to log in, please use the Help Desk Live Chat or call ext. 4357.

Help Desk Live Chat

I am missing courses on Blackboard, what should I do?

If your course list does not look correct please check the following:

  • Check with your Chair or Coordinator to reassure you’re assigned to the CRN(s) in Banner and AI as an instructor
  • Log in to Stu-view and confirm that you are attached to the missing CRN(s) (course reference number).
How do I create or add content on Blackboard?

Here are the two videos to help you get started with your courses:

Where is the student list?

Student list is in the Full Grade Centre. To download it follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Control Panel. Click Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.
  • On the Grade Center screen, select Work Offline from the right-hand side of the screen and then select Download from the drop down menu.
  • Under Data, select User Information Only option.
  • Under Options select how you would like the data to appear:
    a. Select the Delimiter Type: Tab-delimited (recommended) can be opened directly as an Excel (or compatible) spreadsheet.
    b. Select whether to include Hidden Information: This refers to the columns and users, if any, that have been hidden on the Grade Center view.
  • Choose to save the file to your computer or to the Content Collection in Blackboard. 
  • Click Submit.
  • If you have chosen to download the file to your computer, click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Students List/Grades – video tutorial

How do I add a column in Blackboard in Grade Centre?

Add a column in Grade Centre – video tutorial

My students can’t see their grades.

To make grades available to students, instructors must add the My Grades link to the left course menu. To do so, click the + sign at the top left corner of your page. Click Tool Link, type the Name My Grades. From the Type list select My Grades. Select Available to Users and Click Submit.

How do I upload test questions?

To add test questions to Blackboard faculty may either use Responds or create questions manually in Blackboard.

How do I set up group work sessions?

You can create formal groups of students to collaborate on work, and create these groups one at a time or in sets. You can manually select group members or allow students to self-enroll. Each group has its own space, or homepage, with links to tools to help students collaborate. Only you and group members can access the group tools.

How do I grade assignments?

When you create an assignment, a column is added automatically to the Grade Center. An assignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with an exclamation mark—the needs grading icon. 

How do I link my Course Outline?

You may upload the File to the content area. 

To upload the file into the content area, click the content area, Build Content, File. Type the Name, Click Browse My Computer, Select the course outline, then click Open. Select Yes beside Open in New Window and click Submit.