Venture Catalyst Program

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Venture Catalyst: Your Tech Breakthrough

In the world of tech innovation, early-stage ventures often face a challenging journey from concept to reality. However, Venture Catalyst emerges as a guiding light for these aspiring tech entrepreneurs. In a swift and focused six-week program, it offers invaluable support, mentorship, and resources to validate startup ideas and build a solid proof of concept. This commitment to excellence is particularly dedicated to Black-owned early-stage tech ventures, providing them with a pathway to success.

A Platform for Black Excellence

Venture Catalyst is more than just a program; it's a vibrant community united by a common vision of launching thriving, Black-led tech ventures. It serves as a professional alliance devoted to making a significant impact on the tech industry. Furthermore, the program breaks geographical barriers with its 100% virtual learning environment, enabling aspiring tech innovators to access knowledge and resources from anywhere. Backed by the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance (BEA) and fully funded by public institutions, Venture Catalyst offers non-dilutive opportunities. This means that it doesn't take any equity from participants' companies, allowing them to maintain ownership of their creations.

The Path Forward

The next Venture Catalyst cohort is scheduled for Fall 2023 (October – December), offering a transformative journey for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. It's an invitation to turn dreams into reality and to distinguish oneself in the tech industry. If you're ready to embark on a tech breakthrough, the application process is your initial step towards becoming a part of this empowering community. Venture Catalyst is committed to Black excellence and a gateway to making a significant mark in the world of tech innovation.