English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Key Dates

Upon registration, students take a Level Placement Test to see which level of the program they will start in. Test dates and term start and end dates for the current year are listed below.

Placement Test*
(Domestic Student)
Placement Test
(International Student)
Course Duration
30-Apr-18 1-May-18 7-May-18 – 29-Jun-18
No test for domestic students 26-Jun-18 3-Jul-18 – 24-Aug-18
27-Aug-18 28-Aug-18 4-Sep-18 - 26-Oct-18
No test for domestic students 23-Oct-18 29-Oct-18 - 21-Dec-18
3-Jan-19 2-Jan-19 7-Jan-19 - 1-Mar-19
No test for domestic students 26-Feb-19 4-Mar-19 - 26-Apr-19
29-Apr-19 30-Apr-19 6-May-19 - 28-Jun-19
No test for domestic students 25-Jun-19 2-Jul-19 - 23-Aug-19

*Students must bring their payment receipt and immigration document (PR card, study permit, visitor visa) to take the placement test. The test will be approximately 3 hours in length, and will assess: reading, writing, listening, and grammar. The placement test is free as part of program registration.

The placement test date and location will be provided in the Registration and Invoice Package. This package will be sent out to students who have received and accepted the offer.

Phone: 416-415-5000, ext. 4826
or 1-800-265-2002, ext. 4826
E-mail: esl@georgebrown.ca

Note: Students either take the George Brown College ESL level placement test or choose to submit IELTS or TOEFL for level placement into the EAP program, but they may not choose both. Once the choice is made. It is final.

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