George Brown College Retirees' Association Past Events

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George College Brown Retirees’ Association’s Upcoming Events

Come join us as we connect with old coworkers, make new friends and celebrate all that George Brown College has to offer.

Please see the individual details of each event for information on how to get involved.

  • Saturday, April 23, 2016 1:30 pm  - George Brown Theatre performance of The Beaux Stratagem
    See George Brown Theatre students in their production of The Beaux Stratagem at The Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Contact John Price for tickets and further information.
  • Wednesday, May 4, 2016  - Annual Spring Luncheon - Location TBD
    Lunch with guest speaker Amr Shagara, who will be speaking about potential travel opportunities for GBCRA members. This event will also feature our very first Annual General Meeting. Mark your calendars and watch the website for details.
  • Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - A Chorus Line, Stratford Festival 
    Contact Jennifer Cooke  for tickets and further information.
  • Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - Annual Fall Luncheon 
    Social gathering and lunch. Location TBD.

All Summer Long - Golf

Some of you may remember the Annual George Brown Golf Tournament, which unfortunately, is no longer active. Geurt van de Kraats, who loves playing golf, is interested in getting a group of retirees interested in playing golf together with the possibility of reviving an annual Golf Tournament.

The beauty of Geurt’s idea is that in order to participate, all you need is an interest in golf; no need to be an expert. If you are new to golf, this is an interesting and fun way to hone your skills, and at the same time, renew acquaintances from your time at the College.

If you would like more information please contact Geurt at

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 - GBCRA Fall Luncheon at The Corner Place located on the NE corner of Front and Jarvis

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with friends and former colleagues. Share a beverage from noon to 1pm, followed by lunch at 1pm. Not only will it be energizing to see old friends and  make new ones, but also, The Corner Place is owned by former GBC graduate of business, Charles Co.

Door prizes will top off this sure to be fun-filled walk down memory lane.

The cost of lunch is $20 including tax and gratuities. Please RSVP Jane Dietrich by October 19th at (416)698-3528.

Saturday, December 5, 2015
George Brown Theatre performance of Munsch-O-Mania

We have worked to develop an opportunity to watch our George Brown Theatre students in performance. A precious chance to see Canada's future stars run their paces.

Our first visit will be to see their production of Munsch-O-Mania. We have reserved a block of 50 tickets for this show and it is an opportunity to share an outing with the 'little ones' in your life. The performance is suitable for children 3 years of age and up. Tickets are at a reduced cost of $10 each. Please contact John Price at or (905) 447-5246 for further details and to order tickets.

George Brown Theatre’s 29th annual children’s show celebrates the world of Robert Munsch! Their theatre-for-young-audience shows have introduced tens of thousands of GTA children to the magic of live theatre over the past three decades. Robert Munsch’s stories continue to captivate young readers, as well as old! Please join us we bring to the stage the charming, and lively, world of Munsch!

The Theatre School is located in the charming Distillery District and performances are held in the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Patrons will find a wide variety of nearby eating establishments should the urge hit before OR after the performance.

August 2015 - President's Breakfast

For the past 10 years, Anne Sado has kicked off the new school year by hosting a breakfast for the staff, faculty, and administrators just prior to the first day of school. Usually the Breakfast focuses upon student achievements, staff achievements, and provides an opportunity for the President to talk about the hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year. This year the Breakfast will be held at the Metro Convention Centre on August 31st. The College has agreed to provide us with a table for 10 retirees. If you would like to attend, please let Bob Cox know by June 30 by emailing him at

June 15, 2015 - New Retirees' Wine & Cheese Reception 

On June 15, the GBCRA will be hosting a wine and cheese reception for the 2015 retirees.  The College has graciously volunteered to provide the food for this event which will be held at the Hot House Cafe on Front Street. At this event, we will welcome the new retirees to the exciting world of retirement and encourage them to join us over the next years as we plan and execute many varying activities.

While we can not extend an open invitation to this event, we can host 6 of our members. If you would like to be be one of the 6 retirees representing the GBCRA and welcoming the new retirees, please contact Bob Cox at

Retirees’ Luncheon – April 9th, 2015

To say that a good time was had by all would be quite an understatement as the atmosphere of our first Retirees’ Luncheon was one of contagious comradery and renewal.   The event, organized by Sally Roy and held at Hot House Cafe on Thursday, April 9, provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with colleagues we hadn’t seen in years and to meet new colleagues who shared the George Brown experience but in a different part of the College. 

After an hour or so of pleasant mingling, Bob Cox, the driving force of our new initiative welcomed us.  Bob pointed out that GBC was one of the few colleges that, until now, did not have a retirees association.  A steering committee was formed, and letters announcing the formation of the our Retirees Association were sent to all retirees who receive benefits, as that was the only available list. Bob extended apologies to those who may not had received a letter and asked that we share information with our colleagues, and be sure to invite them to future activities.

The diverse interests of the 40 or so who attended contributed to the vibrancy of the event:    one is acting in a comedy; another is creating beautiful pottery and art; more than one or two are looking forward to golfing; several are volunteering; some are enjoying lectures available through GBC’s Senior Centre.   And, as though that were not enough, another “retiree” formed his own consultancy, has been working diligently recruiting international students.  Another favourite activity is travel: New York, London, India, Egypt, Panama, Cuba, Italy, France, and China.

But, as the cliche goes, all that glitters is not gold, and here’s where the onion-theory of human nature kicks in. We need onions to flavour our meals, but as we peel the onion to enjoy that flavour we savour, tears naturally flow. Similarly, tears have flowed as we recounted some our individual and collective losses: Loss of hair, loss of body parts, loss of memory, and most poignantly, loss of colleagues loved ones.

Off-setting these losses, however, there have been some gains:  more lines, more aches and pains, more medications, and perhaps even more weight. And, hopefully, we’ve gained more wisdom.  Those of us who shared our losses and gains found supportive understanding as many of our individual experiences are shared.

On the other hand, while identifying our losses, one element became very clear. There was no loss of humour; nor, was there any loss of good will. Humour and good will abound. Memories were shared. Some of us were among GBC’s first employees in the in the late sixties and reminisced  not only about the various locations (Bloor St., Trinity, College St., Kensington, Nightingale, St. James, Casa Loma) but how easily we were hired... and how much older our students were than we. For example, one recalled that back in the late sixties, as a university grad and twenty-three-year-old accounting teacher, he found the average age of his students to be between 27 and 29. They wondered, or perhaps challenged, “What can you possibly teach us?” “We’ll see.” He replied. And one shared how reciprocal a learning environment the classes are, in that the professor might teach how to do something, but the students’ life stories and experiences enrich the learning environment.  Mind you, not one reported missing grading students’ papers, 8:00 classes, or departmental meetings.

We enjoyed Hot House Cafe’s food and excellent service.You won’t want to miss future events such as the Waterfront tour and luncheon on June 4.The steering committee thought that events which highlight program activities, such as coupling with our theatre productions, chef demonstrations, architectural contests, or fashion shows would be engaging and fun.

More information about future activities will be on our Facebook Page. To facilitate communication and reach more retirees, we are presently exploring ways to link our newsletter and event information to the College’s website.  As well, to ensure the broadest circulation possible, please forward information to your colleagues; after all, the more the merrier!

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