Staff Photo ID Card Identification Policy


The purpose of the GBC Staff Access/ID Card is to:

  • identify the holder as an employee of George Brown College;
  • facilitate access to College property and services [See Appendix 1 for list of services at rollout.]; and
  • help create a safe and secure environment of staff and students.


  • All active full-time, part-time and sessional faculty and staff, with the exception of temporary and supply staff, contractors, continuing education instructors and student employees, are eligible to obtain the Staff Access/ID card. Individuals not eligible for the Access/ID card will be eligible for a generic access card authorized by the Public Safety and Security Office.
  • The Staff Access/ID Card is the property of George Brown College and, as with other college property, must be returned to the College upon separation.
  • All employees may be expected to show their Staff Access/ID Card when accessing college facilities, resources and services.
  • All employees may be expected to present their Staff Access/ID to Security Personnel when accessing college buildings and facilities after hours.


  • As an extension of its responsibility for Student Photo-ID, the Educational Resources Department will be responsible for the Staff Access/ID Card policy and the production/issuance of Staff Access/ID Cards through the Photo-ID Card Help Desk in the Campus Library Learning Commons. Employees of the College who are located in the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre on the Campus of Ryerson University will continue to use their George Brown College/Ryerson University Staff One-Card.
  • A Staff ID database will be managed by Educational Resources and maintained by Information Technology Systems in the ITS Data Centre.
  • Information Technology Services will have responsibility for the development and maintenance of the necessary interface programming with BANNER and will be responsible for the implementation and management of an Identity Management system for the college.
  • Human Resources will be responsible for the employee data that will be used to populate the Staff ID database and will arrange for a monthly upload of current employee data into the Staff ID database. This upload will reflect all new staff hires and terminations.
  • The Public Safety and Security Office is responsible for door access control and for the issuance of generic access cards [non-ID] to staff who are ineligible to receive a Staff Access/ID card.
  • Upon appointment to staff and upon separation, the employee's manager will complete the online form on INSITE authorizing the issuance of or requesting cancellation of the employee's Staff Card.
  • Upon separation, the employee's manager will collect the Staff Access/ID Card, along with keys and other college property. The manager will send the Staff Access/ID Card to Educational Resources for destruction pursuant to the regulations under F.I.P.P.A. and notify Public Safety and Security office for de-authorization of the door access.
  • Managers will be responsible for resolving anomalous situations, e.g. issues of status/eligibility; modification of access rights, early cancellation of access rights, authorizing temporary access cards, retrieving Access/ID cards from inactive staff.
  • The content on the front of the card will be as follows:
    • Employee Photograph
    • Employee Name [First name, including 'preferred' name in brackets under certain circumstances, will appear in larger font and Last name in smaller font
  • The content of the reverse of the card will be pre-printed and will include:
    • Magnetic Stripe onto which the barcode number is encoded.
    • Hologram.
    • Barcode & Number.
    • Reference to Website re: policies governing use
  • Only the first and last name as they appear on the HR Employee system will be used on the face of the Staff Access/ID Card. Employees who wish to have their "preferred" name, or the name by which they are known printed on their Staff Access/ID Card may request that it appear on the card in brackets after their legal name provided that the HR database is similarly updated.
  • To maintain confidentiality, end-user inquiries to the Staff Access/ID Card database will be limited to: Employee Photograph, Name, 'Preferred Name(s)' per HR, Department, Division, Primary Campus, Secondary Campus, Employee Group, Status [Active/Terminated/On Leave], Effective Date, Supervisor Name, and Bar Code Number.
  • For reasons of maintaining an inventory of uses and for purposes of explaining the limitations of the card, the Director, Educational Resources should be consulted on all new planned uses of the Staff Access/ID Card.
  • Each employee will be responsible for the proper care, safekeeping, and use of his/her Staff Access/ID Card. Departments may be assessed the cost of card replacement for reasons other than normal wear and tear.
  • Employees should immediately report the loss of their Staff Access/ID Card to the Campus Photo-ID Help Desk in their Campus Library Learning Commons and the Public Safety and Security Office

Appendix 1 - Approved Uses of the Staff Card

  • General College Identification
  • Building Access through Security
  • Library Borrower Card - Note: Continuing Education instructors and contract staff will continue to use the Library's generic borrower card.