Staff Photo ID Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the GBC Staff Card?

The purpose of the George Brown College Staff Card is to identify full-time staff as employees of George Brown College. In addition to the benefits of providing employees with general college identification, the benefits include facilitating the safety and security of staff and college property, improving access to college services by streamlining the process and eliminating the need to show personal ID which provides no proof that the individual is a College employee.
Towards this end, full-time employees may be expected to show their Staff Card when accessing college buildings and facilities after hours and when accessing a variety of college services.

Who is eligible to receive a GBC Staff Card?

The George Brown College Staff Card program is being implemented in 2 phases. In Phase1, it will be piloted only with the full-time employees of the College before opening eligibility to all employee groups upon implementation of an identity management system.
Accordingly, all full-time employees of the college, including probationary employees, and administrative staff on a full-time contract, will be eligible to receive a George Brown College Staff Card in Phase 1 of the Staff ID project.

Will Sessional, Partial-Load, Part-Time, Continuing Education faculty, Appendix D and other part-time employees be receiving the GBC Staff Card?

All employee groups will become eligible for the George Brown College Staff Card in Phase 2 upon implementation of an identity management system.

When will Phase 2 be implemented?

It is hoped that Phase 2 can be implemented in 2008/09 or upon implementation of identity management.

How do I get my GBC Staff Card?

Staff Cards are produced by the Educational Resources Department. Initially, staff of the Educational Resources Department will make arrangements on a department by department basis for the production of the Staff Card. Thereafter, new employees or employees who need a replacement card should go to the Photo ID Counter in the Campus Library Learning Commons.

In regard to new employees, the manager will be responsible for completing an online requisition on INSITE to authorize the production of a Staff Card for a new employee. The requisition will be sent to Educational Resources for processing. Educational Resources staff will contact the new employee to arrange a time to have the staff member's picture taken and card produced.

What do I do with my card when I cease being an employee of the college?

The Staff Card is the property of the college. For that reason, upon separation from the college, employees should return their Staff Card to their manager along with their keys, and any other college property.

Upon separation, the manager is requested to complete the Staff ID Cancellation Form on Insite and send it to the Manager of the Library Learning Commons.

How will the GBC Staff Card be used?

Full-time employees may be asked by Security Personnel to show their George Brown College Employee Card when accessing college buildings after hours and on weekends. Similarly, college services such as the Libraries, may ask full-time employees to show their card when accessing their services.

How will my privacy be protected?

The George Brown College Staff Card will show only the employee's name and photograph on the face of the card. On the reverse of the card, only the Barcode and Barcode number will be showing. The Barcode number will also be encoded on the magnetic stripe. It is the barcode number that will connect the end user to the Staff Card database. The employee number is not used. No personal information will be encoded on the magnetic stripe.

In regard to the Employee ID database, the end-user will only have access to the following information: Employee Photograph; Employee Name, "Preferred Name" per HR, Department, Division, Primary Campus, Secondary Campus, Employee Group and status, e.g. active/terminated/on-leave, Effective Date, Supervisor Name and Barcode number.

When I use my Staff Card will Security or other end users have direct access to my BANNER System File and thus have access to my home address, SIN or other personal information?

No, end-users such as Security and Photo-ID staff, for example, will NOT have direct access to personal employee information that is maintained in the BANNER System File. The information that will be available through the Staff Card system will be limited to the: Employee Photograph; Employee Name, "Preferred Name" per HR, Department, Division, Primary Campus, Secondary Campus, Employee Group and status, e.g. active/terminated/on-leave, Effective Date, Supervisor Name and Barcode number.

In the case of other uses such as by the Library, the Library's circulation management system is separate from the Staff Card system and any personal information that is required by that system will be available only to accredited library staff and only if the borrower activates his/her card with the Library as their official borrower card.

Is a photograph required for all staff?

For the purposes of identification, the photograph is considered an integral component of the card. Indeed, having the photograph on both the card and the database has value in that in the absence of the card, Security may confirm identity through the visual image stored in the Staff ID database. That said, picture taking will be handled by Educational Resources in a respectful and sensitive manner taking into account issues of cultural diversity.

Accommodations will be made in a supportive manner. If an accommodation is required, we would appreciate advance notice. All concerns will be treated in a confidential manner.

What name is used on the Staff Card?

The employee's first and last name will appear on the Staff Card. The first name will be printed in a larger font.
There will be circumstances, however, where the first name appearing on the HR database is an initial. There are also circumstances where an employee is known by a nickname or anglicized name.

While it remains policy that only the employee's name as it appears on Banner will be used on the card, provision has been made with HR to update the HR system to include the employee's preferred name in brackets in the first name field, e.g. Takayoshi (David). The first name would appear as such on the Staff Card.

I work in the Sally Horsfall-Eaton Centre at Ryerson. Will I be getting a George Brown College Staff Card in addition to the card I received at Ryerson?

No, it is not necessary. Your Ryerson University/George Brown College One Card will be acceptable identification on the other campuses. We will be able to import your photograph from the Ryerson One Card system and will be able to make use of the Ryerson Barcode as well.

I work on multiple campuses. Will my card indicate to Security that I will have access to facilities at more than one campus?

Provision will be made in the Staff Card database for a field that Security personnel may use to enter information received from the employee's manager authorizing access to certain buildings and facilities after hours.

I am a member of the Health and Safety Committee. Will the Staff Card give me access to all college facilities on Health and Safety business?

No, normal access procedures would be followed.

Where do I go for more information?

The Staff Card web site is at
Our e-mail address is