Instructional Design

What exactly does an Instructional Designer do?

Instructional designers (ID) help to create instructional experiences that make skill and knowledge acquisition more efficient, effective, adaptive and appealing.
Instructional Designers work with subject matter experts (our faculty):

  • Identify what students need to learn.
  • Develop objectives and ensure content matches those objectives.
  • Shape content for learning needs (supporting Universal Design for Learning principles).
  • Use multi-media tools to support learning.
  • Adapt instructional material for varying formats.

We have three highly experienced Instructional Designers at eLearning & Teaching Innovation.

Stella Bastone: is an Instructional Designer at the St. James Campus. She joined George Brown College 17 ago years and is particularly interested in the Organizational Systems aspect of our work; she is regularly involved in consultations with academic divisions on their e-learning plans, as well as professional development design and delivery.

Liz Romero, PhD: Liz Romero has been with the eLTI for 5 years and focuses on the theoretical aspects of designing learning; she is regularly engaged in working with professors in the planning of online courses that promote learning by doing and solving problems.

Ian Craine: joined the department 2 years ago and specializes in individualized learning and emerging technologies such as virtual reality.

Interested in working with an instructional designer? Ask your Chair to contact Lori Nave of the eLTI at!

We also have Instructional Developers that support and augment the work done by Instructional Designers. Instructional Developers work with faculty and coordinators to develop online learning activities for all kinds of courses: web enhanced, hybrid and fully online. They partner with faculty, coordinators or chairs to define needs and translate business requirements into performance-based learning strategies and innovative learning courses. Instructional Developers design and develop self-directed online experiences for students using a variety of software (BB, Articulate, GoAnimate, Adobe Suite, Camtasia, etc).

Our fantastic team of Instructional Developers Amineh Olad, Chih-ling Leung and Evelyn Chan can help with all your online learning activities.

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