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At eLearning and Teaching Innovation we are dedicated to serving and supporting faculty and student use of Blackboard. Maybe you have never logged onto Blackboard and don’t where to start? Or maybe you want to know the latest features or new software improvements? eLTI is here to help and available at all three campuses.

What exactly is Blackboard, why is important and how do I use it?

Blackboard is the Learning Management System at George Brown College. Faculty can use the software to post course outlines, communicate with students, post and receive assignments, quizzes, grades as well as many other interactive online features. Our students want one, consistent online learning experience regardless of program or division. At eLTI we are working with Chairs and course coordinators to ensure all faculty have the training and support they need to get on Blackboard.

In a recent edition of GBC News, faculty member Howard Gerhard wrote about his experience with Blackboard:

“Blackboard enables me to enrich my course material. Besides my notes, PowerPoint slides and even lectures, I can, in one place, post videos, pictures and web links. Blackboard is a great organizational tool.

It tests students, records their marks and calculates their final grades for me. Using it, I can validate my test questions, be alerted to failing students and let everyone know where they can find an online assignment that makes up for any cancelled class.

Increasingly, I find Blackboard very helpful in making my courses UDL (Universal Design for Learning) compliant. It allows me the flexibility, with online tests and assignments in the Assessment Centre, to set times and conditions that accommodate all students seamlessly.”

Learn more online about Universal Design for Learning or contact for further information.

Courtney Tam, a Business Administration student at GBC said:

“[Blackboard] also allows us to see our grades, thus allowing me to track my progress. This helps me stay on top of my course work. It shows me what is left to do and how much time should be devoted to the remaining assessments. Moreover, Blackboard allows flexibility. I can refer back to lecture notes and use the posted materials as aids for upcoming assessments. If I feel my notes were insufficient or if I need clarification, I go back to Blackboard. It also allows us to upload assignments. This is more environmentally friendly and saves us time and money in printing.”

Blackboard Technical Support

Already using Blackboard and have an issue or a question? eLTI offers dedicated Blackboard support and assistance to both faculty and students! If you’re a student please contact our helpdesk support person Ladan Jazayeri. Ladan can also provide faculty support. Her office is at Casa Loma; students can reach her by or by calling ext. 2285.

Faculty can reach Ladan directly by email or by calling ext. 2285. Saiful Haque is fully dedicated to providing Blackboard support and assistance to faculty and is located at the Waterfront Campus, Room 702, cubicle 52. Saiful can be reached directly at or ext. 4320.