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Cross Listing

What is Cross Listing?

By cross listing a course; it allows instructors to take multiple sections (CRNs) of the same course and merge them into one master section on Blackboard Learn. This helps simplify material upload and de-clutters their course list. It also promotes more active communication between students in related courses.

Before make the Cross Listing request?

  1. You must be assigned in Banner to all the CRNs within the request. You can confirm this by looking at your section list on Stu-View. If you are not assigned to all the sections, you will have to have your Chair assign them to you.
  2. Make sure that your titles and Course codes are accurate in relation to Banner. This can be confirmed via Stu-View.
  3. All CRNs should be from the same Course Code. We do not allow the merging of different sections.
  4.  If you are co-teaching a course, please make sure that only one instructor submits the request and that both instructors are assigned in Banner to all the CRNs in the request.
  5. Do not add any content in your course until it has been crosslisted as this may result in loss of data. After completion of crosslisting process, you will see a section called XLISTCOURSENAME 201801. This is your master shell and should be the one for your access and not the individual CRNs anymore.

There are multiple ways to crosslist different sections (CRNs):

  1. Self-serve crosslist by using, the request will complete within 2 hours! Click here see the step by step instruction.
  2. Submit a Service Desk ticket through:

Development Shell

A Development Shell is for instructors to start learning how to use Blackboard or to create a course, which can then be exported and imported into a real course. There are no students in a Development Shell so faculty can build the content and modify it at any time without worrying about the course being visible to students.

To request a Development Shell, email with the following information.

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Last Name: *
Employee ID: *
Phone Number and Ext.: *
Email: *
How many Development Shells do you require at this time (5 maximum)
(*=Mandatory Field)
Course Name:
Does more than one Instructor require access?
If so, please provide their Full Names along with their Employee IDs.
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Course Archive

Courses will be kept on the server for 4 terms. Courses will be made unavailable to students 30 days after the semester end. Courses are archived by Blackboard and can be restored by filling out the

Only faculty can request a course recovery from archive and there must be a valid reason such as grade challenges.