Resources: Blackboard & Other Tools


Blackboard Support Information

Blackboard support contact information for faculty and students.

What is it? 

Blackboard Learn is George Brown's Learning Management System. It can serve as a centralized "home base" for your courses. It enables professors to post learning materials (such as text documents and videos), post, receive and grade assessments, and set up a variety of communication tools.

How do I access it?

To log into Bb at the login page, use your usual George Brown credentials (employee ID, password). If you are having difficulty logging in, see these support resources.

If a colleague does not have an employee ID, their Chair or Supervisor needs to send a request for an "M account" (contractor account) to, with an indication that the individual requires Blackboard and email access.

How do I set up my course in Bb?

Each CRN assigned to you automatically has its own Blackboard "shell" (empty course) generated, and your students are also attached to these shells. In your empty course shells, you can select the content areas and tools you'd like to use with your class.

For a basic overview of how to add content and tools, see the video below.

Self-help Resources

We are currently creating additional information kits for faculty. In the meantime, professors may want to check out these Blackboard resources:

Blackboard: Preparing to Scale Teaching & Learning Online
Blackboard Learn Help for Instructors

Blackboard Support at GBC during Academic Continuity Transition

During this period of on-campus disruption, George Brown College has set up the following supports for faculty. 

Blackboard Webinars

Learn how to use Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate for off-campus classes
Every day, Monday to Friday - March 16 - 20
9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m

Please visit this link to join the sessions directly:

Microsoft O365 & Teams

Every George Brown College employee and student has access to the Microsoft Office 365 and Teams suite of tools. Professors who are familiar and comfortable with these tools, and who are confident that their students are able to use them, are welcome to use these in their academic continuity work.

For information on Office 365, please visit . 

For technical support on Office 365 or MS Teams support, please contact the helpdesk at or 416 415-5000 x4357 which is available 24/7.


AppsAnywhere offers a suite of applications to faculty and students at no cost. (Note that the software available to faculty is not always also available to students; the packages are somewhat different.)

If you have a George Brown employee ID and password, AppsAnywhere is in effect a "jukebox" you can install on any computer, and it will "play" a variety of programs that might be of interest to you as you consider alternative presentation of learning materials. (However, these programs will not be installed locally on your machine.) For example, if you are interested in creating videos for students, you might be interested in Camtasia.

For more information on AppAnywhere at the College, visit .

Here is a video that can be distributed to students who are interested in using any of these software options for their course work: