Message from the Dean of School of Design

Message from the Dean

About School of DesignAs the Dean of the School of Design at George Brown College, it is my goal to ensure that a state-of-the-art educational experience is created for our students allowing them to integrate seamlessly with the design community upon graduation.

The School of Design of the future must reach out beyond itself to work in its community to create a model for design that is open, persuasive and inspiring, painting a picture of the future of our world through design. Ours is a learning community committed to this principle. We recognize the need to expand beyond our traditional specialist competencies in the area of graphic communications to become a more relevant multidisciplinary educational institution, in short a school of design.

With the expansion and renewal of our curriculum we are set to provide our students with real world skills that meet the immediate needs of industry while providing them with the fundamental knowledge base for a continually evolving career that will grow within the social, evolving cultural and economic context. Our pioneering development of post-diploma programs in digital media and design management, and our revolutionary Interdisciplinary Design Strategy show our commitment to becoming a leading centre for design innovation on the international scene. The new George Brown School of Design is at the forefront of a radical new relationship between industry, education and the public.

We are embarking on a journey in the coming years. Working together, we must all become part of creating a new "schoolofdesign" for this new century, a century with challenges so great that only through the cooperation of design, business and community can we develop the creative solutions that will bring a brighter future. The School of Design at George Brown College, is perfectly situated in a Faculty of Business and Creative Arts. The possibilities for fruitful interactivity between business and the creative arts is the most pressing and prescient trend of this next decade.

A school of design must reach out and develop multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary design protocols. It must lead design innovation by working with the world of business and technology and other creative arts to bring about a humanization of experience.

We look forward to working with our counterparts in government, industry, NGOs, local and international organizations, and within the College to serve the public good and build the public realm.

Luigi Ferrara, OAA, MRAIC, Hon ACIDO
Dean, School of Design, George Brown College
Senator, International Council of the Societies of Industrial Design