Office of Student Concerns Resolution Services

  • Addressing student concerns
  • Are you unsure of how to deal with a difficult situation and looking for advice and support?

    The Office of Student Concerns Resolution Services works to strengthen a respectful, healthy and safe campus environment by providing support for:

    • Students dealing with difficult situations with other students.
    • Staff and faculty looking to resolve problems related to student behaviour.

    How we can help:

    If you need help to deal with a conflict situation, the Student Concerns Manager will provide advice and resources. The Office of Student Concerns Resolution Services can work with you on a formal or informal basis to resolve complaints. They can also help you:

    Contact us for assistance: 

    Dale Hall
    200 King St. E., room B173A, St. James Campus
    (416) 415-5000 ext. 3706 

    Please note we have alternative contacts depending on the nature of your concerns:

    If you are concerned about your immediate safety and/or the safety of others:

    If you have questions and/or concerns about discrimination, equity or human rights please contact:

    If your concerns are regarding sexual assault, harassment or violence please visit:

    Learn more about the Student Concerns Office:

    The goals of the Student Concerns Office are to:

    1. Ensure a respectful and safe environment for George Brown College community members to work and learn. 
    2. Facilitate students in learning responsible conduct and taking responsibility for behaviours. 
    3. Assist in the resolution of Student Code of Conduct issues. 
    4. Provide advice, consultation and follow up regarding student concerns. 
    5. Ensure students are provided with information related to their rights and responsibilities under the Code of Student Behaviour and Community Standards Policy. 
    6. Develop educational activities to inform students, faculty and staff of the Code of Student Behaviour and Community Standards. 
    7. Promote a holistic approach to student development, and encourage the development of communication and conflict resolution skills.