FAQ: New Performing Arts students

  1. What equipment and supplies will I need to buy in my first year? 
  2. Can I work while I’m in the 3 year program? 

1. What equipment and supplies will I need to buy in my first year?


Women: Black, long-sleeved scooped neck leotard; black, footless tights, with stirrup strap; a pair of sweat pants.

Men: White plain T-shirt (no logos); black footless tights and a dance belt (this is necessary - support underwear is inadequate); pair of sweat pants. (In Toronto, dancewear can be purchased at Malabars, The Danceshoppe and The Shoe Room at the National Ballet School.  At the Shoe Room, mention you are a dance student of Bob McCollum’s -  you may get a discount)


DRESS CODE for Movement Classes:  Please wear loose, easy-to-move-in clothing; tops that cover your arms and torso; bottoms that cover your legs belly-button to heel.  No pockets please.  We will work in bare feet.  No jeans, skirts, jewellery or belts. For presentations, all black will be required. (You will need the blacks for Neutral Mask in the 2nd term as well).              

PLEASE get a copy of The Body Has Its Reasons by Therese Bertherat.  It can be bought at Amazon.ca.  You will be required to buy some foam balls from me when you arrive in the fall.  These balls need to be ordered from Germany and so I can't tell you the exact cost - it will probably be around $10 or less.  You will use these balls for three years so they are a good investment - think of them as a text book as you will learn a lot through using them.  These balls are for you to practice with outside of school - everything we need in the class will be provided by me.  Looking forward to working together with you!!  Leslie French

Please purchase a yoga mat which you can keep in your locker



ENGLISH PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY by Daniel Jones (available at most bookstores or Theatrebooks)

VOICE   THE RIGHT TO SPEAK by Patsy Rotenberg (available at most bookstores – new and used)

THEATRE HISTORY LIVING THEATRE, 6th edition, Wilson, Edwin & Goldfarb, Alvin, McGraw Hill, 2008 ISBN- 978-0-07-338220-3. Available at the George Brown College bookstore (St. James campus).


All wardrobe needs for productions will be provided by the School, however, we request that you have a few items of your own for in-school scene studies.  If you don't already have these items, they can be purchased for next to nothing at Goodwill or Value Village.  If your community does not have such stores, wait and buy them in Toronto.  There is no hurry. DON'T SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON THIS!!!


  • a pair of dark, hard-soled shoes with a slight heel (about 1 inch) – women’s character shoes are ideal.
  • a plain, dark skirt about mid-calf length and a plain blouse


  • a pair of dark, hard-soled, laced shoes i.e. Oxfords
  • a dark blazer and a pair of dark dress pants
  • a white dress shirt and a tie

ACTING: A complete works of Shakespeare.  We recommend the Riverside Shakespeare.  You can find used copies at the numerous used bookstores in Toronto.  (You won’t need it until February).

LOCKER: A locker is available to students at the Young Centre for a $20 rental fee per year.  You can reserve a locker online.  Larry will give you the key in September.

2. Can I work while I’m in the 3 year program?

No. The program requires a complete time commitment. For example, in the first year of the program you are at the school for 10 hours a day, five days a week and you receive homework every night. Therefore you are strongly discouraged from seeking an evening or weekend job because your school work will suffer.