REX – Key Partners & Student Testimonials

Jennifer Jacinto One Restaurant

Our team prides itself on strong partnerships with some of the best companies in the hospitality industry, not only in Toronto and in Canada but also in the world. Whether it’s with a restaurant, hotel, special events company, cruise line, resort, or other company within hospitality, our goal is to give you the experience needed to succeed with top tier companies related to your program as well as get you in the door so you can grow within those companies. A few of our key partners include:

Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Oliver & Bonacini
Four Seasons
Via Rail Canada
Soho Metropolitan
Princess Cruises
Park Hyatt
SIR Corp.
King Street Food Company (Buca)
Delta Toronto
Deerhurst Resort
Earl’s Restaurant Corporation

Our Career Fair takes place every winter where our industry partners are here to meet and potentially employ our students.

Would you like to be a future partner? Contact our team


Johnny Guu

My externship at Campagnolo has been great. I get to work with fresh ingredients like fish; the menu is always changing so it keeps me on my toes; and my mentors are patient with me.

Johnny Guu, H116
Campagnolo Restaurant

Tracie Cheung

Oliver & Bonacini is a great employer: their turnover is lower than the industry standard. They look after you and want to keep you and because of that, there is much lateral movement within the company. The people here have pride in their work and for the organization. It is akin to a family.

Tracie Cheung, H116
Canteen Restaurant

Sage Walmsley

I loved working in a smaller kitchen because I felt there was more to learn. I have learned many of the stations here and have graduated from making snacks to now making brunch for our customers.

Sage Walmsley, H116
Midfield Winebar & Tavern

Jennifer Jacinto

We have the best chef and colleagues here. Whenever you need something, the staff will help you and give you tips and tricks. The feedback (from Chef Darby) is immediate.

Jennifer Jacinto, H116
One Restaurant

Maki Okinaga

There is a higher standard here and coming back into the industry, it’s a good chance to master the basics. I have learned so much from Chef Moto and his experience from working in a three-Michelin star restaurant. The ingredients here are of high quality and I have loved working with so many ingredients in one dish.

Maki Okinaga, H116
Auberge du Pommier

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