First Impressions

Beyond the classroom, employers request George Brown graduates for their professionalism. Making the best first impression means standing out to future employers who are looking for a polished demeanour. How do you do that? Take advantage of our free year-round volunteer workshops to help you get workplace-ready.

Our 4 Ps of First Impressions:

  1. Pride in People
    At the core of our success are People -- the students, staff and industry partners that combine to create the CHCA
  2. Pride in Programs
    It is the essence of what we do – our Programs showcase our academic excellence, interactive learning labs and industry externships.
  3. Pride in Place
    Our Place – in the heart of the downtown Toronto amidst Canada’s top hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, travel agencies, and catering companies – is where service, reputation and high standards are all housed in a modern learning facility.
  4. Pride in Profession
    As proud members of the hospitality & culinary profession we exist to serve and secure the future of the most dynamic industry in the world.

To get involved and learn more, contact Christopher McCarthy at 416-415-5000 ext. 3957 or

Why practice the 4 Ps of First Impressions?

PRIDE IN PEOPLE The whole is stronger than the sum and our success depends on the students, staff and industry that combine to create the core of CHCA.

PRIDE IN PROGRAMS Our academic excellence, interactive programming and industry externships make us leaders in the field. That’s because we take a page from industry professionals who consult with us on how to keep curriculum fresh and relevant.

PRIDE IN PLACE In the heart of Toronto – a world-class dining and entertainment hub - we set high standards for service in advanced facilities. Our downtown campus puts you at the centre of it all.

PRIDE IN PROFESSION Our graduate and industry partner contributions continue to evolve with the ever-changing needs of our dynamic industry. Many of Canada’s top-rated chefs – including Mark McEwan, Jamie Kennedy and Bonnie Stern – are George Brown graduates.


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