How to Change Your Password Challenge Questions & Answers


1. From an Internet browser navigate, and log in, to George Brown's self-serve password utility.

a) In the browser address bar enter:

If a security warning is displayed, click on Continue to this website.

Continue to the website

b) Log in using your personal User ID (i.e. your student or employee number) and Password.

c) Click Login.

Resetting Your Password - login

2. The self-serve menu is displayed.

Select Change Forgotten Password Information.

Change Forgotten Password Information

3. The Change Forgotten Password Informationpage is displayed.

You may change one or more questions and/or answers.

a) Click Clear to the right of questions you wish to answer differently or questions you do not wish to retain.

b) Answer questions.

To change the answer to a question:  

Click Clear to the right of the question, and enter a new answer.

To replace one question with another:

Click Clear to the right of the question you want to replace, and enter an answer to the question you prefer.

(In the example below 3 of the original questions were retained, with different answers, and 2 new questions were answered.)

c) When you have completed all of your changes, and have a total of 5 questions answered, click OK.

Forgotten password information 5 questions

4. The new challenge questions and answers are displayed.

Click Logoff to exit.

Request completed

5. A dialog box confirms that your User ID is logged off.

For your security, we recommend that you exit from your Internet browser at this point, and start a new browser if Internet access is required.

You are now logged off