Student Email Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the purpose of the student e­mail system?

A: The purpose of the new student e­mail system is to facilitate students' communications with the College, faculty, Registrar and other students. The universal e­mail addresses provide a consistent, reliable, and secure means of communication within the College.

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Q: How long will my e­mail account remain active?

A: For full­time students, one year after graduation. For other students, including Continuing Education students, one year after the last day of your last class.

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Q: Will Continuing Education students get e-mail accounts?

A: Yes. E-mail accounts will be given to all continuing education students.

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Q: How do I log on to my College e­mail account?

A: From any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer):

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your User name(i.e. student #), and Password.
  3. Click Log on.

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Q: Can I forward my College e­mail to another e­mail address?

A: Students who already have stable personal e­mail addresses may choose to have all e­mails generated through the GBC e­mail system forwarded to their personal e­mail accounts, so they don't have to monitor more than one account.

Please note that this feature is not available when using OWA Light.

Please note that with forwarding there is a slight risk of emails being lost or blocked in the process of forwarding, and any problems will not exempt students of their responsibilities to the College.

For instruction on how to forward George Brown email to your personal account, check out this document:

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Q: How much storage space do I have?

A: Continuing Education students: 10 MB, the equivalent of up to several dozen messages. All other students: 100 MB, the equivalent of up to several hundred messages. Staff & Faculty:no limit.

The system is not intended for long-term mail archiving, though you may choose to forward mail to a personal e-mail account should you wish to retain messages longer.

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Q: Can I send attachments with an e­mail?

A: Yes, attachments up to 10 MB in size can be transmitted along with your e­mail message, subject to space availability for your account. Attachments commonly containing viruses (e.g. .exe, .zip) are blocked by the system. You will receive a message from the system if an attachment is blocked.

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Q: What kinds of e­mail can students expect to receive?

A: You may receive grade reports, schedules, schedule changes, and information from the Registrar's Office. In time, all official communication from GBC will be through your student e­mail account.

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Q: Is there a filter to weed out junk e­mail?

A: Yes, the anti­virus and anti­spam automation blocks > 95% of mail, helping to reduce the number of junk mail messages you receive. You can still expect to receive the occasional junk mail message, because more stringent filtering would result in false positives, blocking some legitimate mail messages too. You do not need to report junk mail received; simply delete the message.

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Q: I'm having problems with my e­mail, who do I contact?

A: Help with OWA is available within the application. The College does not provide technical support for OWA.

You will find extensive online help for a variety of User ID and password issues at:

If you are unable to trouble­shoot a User ID or password issue yourself, you can obtain support at the following locations and phone numbers: Technical Help.

Please note that the College cannot provide support for any other technical issues.

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Q: Which Internet browser provides the best user experience for Outlook Web Access?

A: Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a Microsoft product and the full feature set is only available from Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. You may encounter errors and/or reduced functionality when accessing OWA from other browsers. A free copy of Internet Explorer may be downloaded directly from Microsoft:

Mac users, users of browsers other than IE, and blind and low vision users should choose OWA Light rather than OWA. OWA Light is compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Selecting the Use Outlook Web Access Lightcheckbox on the email login page will enable you to use a variety of browsers, but you will not have access to the full OWA feature set. The following link sets out compatible browsers/versions for OWA:­ us/library/aa998931.aspx.

The following link outlines the feature differences between OWA and OWA Light:­us/library/aa997437.aspx.

The workstations in the Learning Resource Centres run an OWA­ compatible version of IE, and provides access to the full OWA feature set.

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