Peerconnect Frequently Asked Questions

Peer coaches get a lot of questions! Here’s a sample of what student ask us most often:


Can I get help with finding campus services such as financial aid? How to drop a course and student discounts?

Peerconnect is a great place to get answers to all your George Brown questions. Our knowledgeable peer coaches will direct you to the right department, person or place, and also help you navigate the system.

Can I use the Peerconnect Centre to study or work on a team project?

Yes! The Peerconnect Centres on all four campuses are there for studying, relaxing, chatting—whatever you need. Coaches are available Monday to Friday.


Study well

Do you offer tutoring?

Peerconnect can link you to the TLC for tutoring in English and Math.

How can I study better for tests?

Peerconnect has lots of resources to help you do better on tests, including one-on-one coaching opportunities to determine what works best for you, as well as 20-minute workshops on how to improve your study skills, manage your time, and give you guidance on how to start your own study group. Watch our video on acing multiple choice exams and download our tip sheet on Dealing with Test Stress and Anxiety


Work well

I have to do a group assignment. How can we make this work?

Learning to work in a team is important for school and also for the workplace. Use our team contract worksheets to keep track of your roles, responsibilities and tasks. If your team is struggling, meet with a Student Success Initiatives Coordinator or a peer coach for helpful strategies.

How can I prepare for a class presentation?

You can join one of our 20-minute workshops called Powerful Presentation or ask to do a mock presentation with a Peer Coach at your campus.


Help, I’m falling behind! I can’t manage school, work and everything else in my life.

You’re not alone, and we can help you find a balance. We have videos, tip sheets and workshops to help you take care of your physical health and your mental health. Consider dropping in to speak with a peer coach to find out more how we can help.