Specialist Service Accommodations

Learning Strategists

A Learning Strategist can give you one-to-one support to understand your psychoeducational assessment report, and improve your time management, writing, reading comprehension and study and test-writing skills.

Adaptive technology

Our Adaptive Technologists will match you to the technology that works best for you. Working in our Adaptive Technology Labs (ATLs), they give you hands-on training to show you how these devices can help you to read, spell, write, take notes, and stay organized.

Adaptive technologies are hardware and software devices which help you to learn more effectively.

Deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind specialists 

Computerized note taking

Specially-trained notetakers transcribe what's going on in the classroom to a computer monitor so you can see it in real-time. They will also provide you with an edited copy of the notes within 24 hours.

Sign Language Interpreters

The Interpreter's role is to interpret between American Sign Language (ASL) and English so that you can interact fully with your hearing classmates and professors, and they with you.


Intervenors act as your 'eyes and ears' if you are deafblind, using modified sign language techniques:

  • Close-contact—a technique that allows for restricted visual fields and proximity requirements.
  • Tactile—a communication method in which the receiver's hands are placed lightly upon the hands of the signer to perceive the signs.