Reduced course loads

Students with a disability can take 40% of a full course load and still be considered a full-time student with all the rights and privileges that accompany that designation—including eligibility for OSAP.

Students who are using OSAP support, however, must have a permanent disability to reduce their course load to 40%, without affecting their OSAP status. All students can reduce their course load to 66% of a full course load and still be considered full time by OSAP.

You may find your learning needs are best met if you reduce your number of courses during a semester.

Talk to your Accessibility Consultant about the best options for you.

Test and exam accommodations

You can request accommodations to take quizzes, tests, mid-terms and exams. Accommodations include extra time (time and a half) and a quieter space to write the test in one of our Assessment Centres — usually at the same time as the rest of your class.

You are responsible to book your own test accommodations

Please discuss your needs with your consultant, and follow the steps to arrange your test accommodation as outlined on the George Brown Assessment Centre page.