Your Accessibility Consultant is your go-to person

Accessibility Learning Services offers free, quality support and academic accommodation services. We also act as advocates on behalf of our students and inform the wider college community about the needs of students with disabilities.

See FAQ: How do I sign up for services?

We work as a team

Our highly skilled and committed staff members help students decide which support services they need and learn how to connect to the right people.

All students with disabilities will work with:

  • Intake Coordinator — your first point of contact that helps with the intake process and connects you to your consultant.
  • Accessibility Consultants — help you to get the academic accommodations you need. They keep track of all of your key documents and facilitate the communication of y our accommodations to faculty.

Depending on your disability, you may work with:

  • Learning Strategists —can give you one-to-one support to understand your psychological report, and improve your time management, writing, reading comprehension and study and test-writing skills.
  • Adaptive Technologists — will match you to the technology that works best for you. They give you hands-on training to show you how these devices can help you to read, spell, write, take notes, and stay organized.
  • Sign Language Interpreters — interpret between American Sign Language (ASL) and English so that you can interact fully with your hearing classmates and professors.
  • Computerized Notetakers — transcribe all spoken content in the classroom to a computer monitor so you can see it in real-time.
  • Intervenors — act as your ‘eyes and ears’ if you are deafblind. They communicate with you through modified sign language that involves close-contact and tactile techniques.

Our values

  • student-centred approaches—that treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • promotion of autonomy for all students
  • collaboration between students, faculty and staff to encourage student success
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • continuous feedback about our services and supports