Fashion Exchange Industrial Power Sewing Program

    Fashion Exchange Industrial Power Sewing
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    The Industrial Power Sewing Fast Track module is a 16 week certificate program with a 100 hour work placement.
    This program is currently taking new applications (online) for the April 22, 2019 start date for participants 30 years of age and older.
    Program graduates will receive a George Brown College Certificate
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    Full Program Descriptions

    FX students learn to operate industrial sewing equipment and to assemble garments for production. You will also learn to operate single needle, serger and other specialty machines used in garment manufacturing. In-depth training with different seams, fabrics, and common construction processes are combined with in-class sewing practice and a 100 hour work placement module. In addition to the learning outcome requirements, programs are designed to provide essential transferrable skills (referred to sometimes as essential employability skills), which include: communication, resume preparation and interview techniques, problem solving, as well as interpersonal and personal skills.

    This program will prepare you for:

    • Entry level employment and experience in fashion related careers in alteration shops & apparel factories

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    Course Outline

    Course Name Description
    FASH 1160 Introduction to Industrial Sewing In this course students are introduced to industrial sewing equipment and to basic operations of the single needle machine. Students are introduced to stitches and seam types and to standard pattern shapes and symbols and will complete sewing operations for individual garment components such as darts and simple seams.
    FASH 1161 Elements of Apparel Construction for Section Work This course will familiarize students with joining garment elements together using the industrial sewing machine and the serger. At the end of the course students will recognize the shapes created by the joining of flat garment pieces. A simple garment project will be completed.
    FASH 1162 Construction Techniques for Semi-Section Work In this course students will have the ability to complete semi-section parts of garment construction. Waistbands, collars, sleeves and cuffs are completed. Students also learn zipper application and the use of the buttonholer and button machines.
    FASH 1163 Apparel Multiple component Assembly Techniques Students will learn to join multiple garments components to create whole garments. Sleeve set in, collar insertion, and other standard multiple section operations will be completed.
    FASH 1164 Specialty Functions in Industrial Sewing This course provides deeper knowledge of garment construction and quality measures. Students will learn finishing techniques, apply linings, and complete specialty details such as pleats and miter corners. Specialty sewing machine operation and essential hand sewing skills will be learned and practiced.

    Work Placement

    Course Name Course Description
    4 Week Work placement Industry placement of 100 hours to apply what has been learned..

    Careers and Post-Graduate Study Opportunities

    Successful graduates of the program will be prepared to take on production roles such as: Sewing machine operator, Line operator, Fusing machine operator, Cutting helper, Bundling helper, Line supervisor, Sample maker.

    Tuition and Fees

    Program available at no cost to participants

    How to Qualify and Apply

    Academic Requirements

    • Must be eligible to work in Ontario
    • Permanent resident or Canadian citizen
    • Must be able to understand and communicate in English
    • Commit to 4 months of training
    • Good eyesight (corrected vision is accepted)
    • High degree of manual dexterity and fine motor control

    Additional Requirements

    • Must submit an online application
    • Attend an information session and an interview
    • Interested applicants will be assessed for English
    • Applicants must have a current resume and be able to demonstrate interest and suitability to both training and employment apparel

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