Dean's Student Volunteer Program

Student holding prize cheque

Join our Student Volunteer Program

We are excited to introduce the Dean’s Student Leadership Program at the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies (CPLS).

Designed to provide students with learning opportunities outside the classroom, this volunteer program will also give you access to different workshops and events, while developing your leadership skills.

We care about your success at the College and we hope that this program will help develop the skills you need for your future aspirations. There are many benefits to participating in this program, including:

  • Developing team building and leadership skills
  • Network and develop valuable connections, relationships and contacts
  • A chance for awards and scholarships
  • Opportunity to improve your resume

We will also acknowledge your commitment to this program by providing a letter/certificate of participation from our Dean, Georgia Quartaro upon your completion of 3 or more workshops and/or volunteer events. Lastly, not only will you be learning along the way, we hope you will have FUN as well!

Join now!

  1. It’s FREE to join! Open to all current students registered in a program at CPLS.
  2. Students who successfully complete the program will have volunteered and participated in 3 (or more) workshops and/or events
  3. To REGISTER, please complete the form.

If you would like more information about the Dean’s Student Leadership Program email  or contact 416-415-5000 x6277