What to expect on campus

Before You Leave For Campus Checklist

Make sure you have everything you need to gain entry and to learn and work safely on campus: 

When you arrive

The George Brown College Safety and Security team will be at campus entrances to greet you and provide direction. Please don’t come to campus early.  

Security will confirm that you’re scheduled to be on campus, ensure you’ve completed your COVID-19 awareness training and daily health screening, and check that you have appropriate PPE.   

Disposable three-layer masks and eye protection are available at campus entrances for anyone who needs them. 

You may also be greeted by Wellness Ambassadors on campus (you can recognize them by their black vests). They move around campus throughout the day and are available to answer your questions about the college’s COVID-19 safety measures.

Learning & working spaces 

Students: You’ll receive direction from your academic division about health and safety protocols, PPE requirements, scheduling, and other information about your in-person learning components. You can connect with your program coordinator with questions. You can also send questions to georgebrown.ca/letstalkcovid19

Employees: You’ll receive direction from your supervisor about health and safety protocols, PPE requirements, scheduling and other information about working on campus. You can connect with your supervisor, or with Health, Safety and Wellness at HSW@georgebrown.ca with questions. 

Contractors: Please ensure you have reviewed health and safety protocols with your George Brown College contact, so you are aware of expectations prior to arriving on campus. You can connect with your college contact with questions. 

What to do in common areas

What happens when you want to eat lunch or enter a smaller space with other people, like an elevator, lunchroom or a changing room/washroom? Signage about COVID-19 safety measures is posted throughout our campuses. You can also ask a Wellness Ambassador, your instructor, or campus security for more information. 

Physical distancing

While physical distancing can be challenging in small spaces such as elevators and washrooms, try to maintain as much distance as possible. Please, don’t spend unnecessary time and leave as soon as possible.

Capacity limits

Signage posted at entrances to smaller spaces (elevators, changing rooms and washrooms) lists capacity limits for those areas. Please check before entering and wait outside if these spaces are already full.


PPE is required in all indoor spaces on campus.

When you remove your mask and eye protection to eat and drink in a designated eating area, be sure to maintain physical distance of at least six feet (two metres) from others. Refrain from engaging in conversation with others while your mask is off for eating or drinking. Put your PPE back on as soon as you’re done eating or drinking.

Visit our PPE Required on Campus page for more information.

Designated eating areas

You can eat your lunch in your campus cafeteria/designated eating area. Campus food services are closed so you must bring your own lunch and a water bottle. Microwaves, water fountains and water refilling stations are not operating to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If the weather is nice, you may prefer to eat outside. If you do head outside, remember to maintain a safe physical distance.

Cleaning and disinfection

Eating areas are equipped with disinfection supplies so you can clean your area before and after use. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask that you leave the area as soon as you’re finished eating.

Signage and Wellness Ambassadors will be there to remind you of our health and safety protocols.


We offer COVID-19 nasal swab rapid tests at all three campuses. The testing is voluntary and available to students and employees scheduled to be at Casa Loma, St. James or Waterfront campuses.

Testing is available Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Those who are eligible can get a test up to three times weekly.


Testing locations

  • Casa Loma Campus: 146 Kendal Ave. (building E), behind the health screening area at the entrance.
  • St. James Campus: 290 Adelaide St. E. on the main floor, behind the security check-in area.
  • Waterfront Campus: 51 Dockside Dr., second floor

Global Health Solutions is providing point-of-care testing, which generates results in 15 minutes and is 98.1 per cent accurate. The nasal swab collection will be completed by experienced and fully trained nurses using full PPE including face shields, body gowns, masks, gloves and disinfecting wipes. Your private health information will be handled per Ontario data privacy laws.

If you receive a positive result, you will be offered a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis and the results will be available in 24 hours. If you receive a positive result from the second, non-rapid test, please isolate and inform the college. Students can notify georgebrown.ca/letstalkcovid19. Employees should email HSW@georgebrown.ca.