Graduation Eligibility

Academic Requirements to Graduate

To graduate, you must have:

  • A minimum program GPA of 1.7 for diploma and certificate programs
  • A minimum program GPA of 2.3 for degree programs


  • Passing grades (as indicated by your program) in all required courses
  • Have not repeated a course more than 3 times
  • Fulfill the residency requirement (twenty-five percent (25%) of program must be earned at George Brown College)

Administrative Graduation Requirements

Your records must be in good standing by the deadline indicated on the Important Dates for Graduates timeline, (to be in good standing, you must not have any outstanding fees, fines or loans, including book and equipment loans on your account).
Check STU-VIEW to ensure your account is cleared of any holds preventing your graduation.

Application to Graduate

If you are a full time or Apprentice student registered in the final semester of your program, and meet the requirements outlined above, you will be graduated automatically by the College.

Who Should Apply

  • Part-time, Post-secondary students
  • Full-time, Post-secondary students who are registered in a different semester other than the final semester of their program

Name on Credentials

The name printed on your credential, transcript, and in the convocation program is the name displayed on your STU-VIEW account. To confirm we have your correct name on file, please check STU-VIEW.
If there are any discrepancies, please go to your campus Student Service Centre with the required documents for assistance.

Contact Information

To ensure you receive all information or documents in a timely manner, please confirm the contact information (address, email, phone number) we have on file is up to date on STU-VIEW.
When possible, we will correspond with you through your George Brown e-mail. Please check this account frequently for updates.

More Information: