We're moving!

As of January 23, 2020 the Community Partnerships will be located at the St James Campus in Room 160 of 230 Richmond Street East

Should you have any questions on the relocation, please feel free to contact us: 416-415-5000 x 3100
We look forward to seeing you in our new office surroundings!

Contact Us

Kizzy Bedeau
Director 416-415-5000 x 6094
Elizabeth Dantas
Manager of Educational Partnerships
416-415-5000 x 3820
Maryanne Small
Manager of Initiatives and Program Planning
416-415-5000 x 3914
Sandy Luo
Budget Coordinator
416-415-5000 x 2677
Daniele Oliveira
Office Support Clerk
416-415-5000 x 3100
Grace Whang
SCWI Program Coordinator
416-415-5000 x 2678
Shelagh Taber Walsh
Program Coordinator – Educational Partnerships
416-415-5000 x 6175
Brittney King
SCWI Reach Ahead Support Officer
416-415-5000 x 3198
Natalia Savone
Outreach & Student Advising Coordinator
416-415-5000 x 6994
Kassi Wickie
Outreach & Transition Specialist
416-415-5000 x 2364
Jonida Chaka
Sponsored Initiatives Coordinator
416-415-5000 x 6995
Joanna McCall
Sponsored Initiatives Program Support Officer
416-415-5000 x 3029
Kevin Ferrie
Second Career Student Specialist
416-415-5000 x 3714
Erick Ayala Alvarado
Project Coordinator, Community and Employment Programs
416-415-5000 x 3007
Heather Edmund
Program Support Officer, Employment & Community Projects
415-415-5000 x 6647
Najwa Rahmani
Project Manager, Women Transitioning to Trades and Employment (WTTE)
416-415-5000 x 2885
Taylor Stewart
Project Assistant, Women Transitioning to Trades and Employment (WTTE)
Danielle Atkinson
Teacher, TDSB
Santina Bruno-Damiani
Teacher, TCDSB
Virginia Dawe
Teacher, TDSB