The Consulting Hub

About Us

The Consulting Hub is a collaborative learning space bringing Centre for Business Graduate Certificate students, Advanced Diploma students, faculty, and industry professionals together in a vibrant, fast-paced environment focusing on real-world experience, partnerships, and innovative and collaborative learning.  It provides consulting services for small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organizations to assist them in achieving their strategic goals.

theinstitute_01Consulting on all the projects is provided by 150 - 200 Centre for Business Graduate Certificate and Advanced diploma students annually from the following programs:

  • Consulting (B414) (Graduate Certificate)
  • Analytics for Business Decision Making (B412) (Graduate Certificate)
  • Project Management (B415) (Graduate Certificate)
  • Business Administration – Project Management (B126/156)
  • Business Administration (B145/155)
  • Business Administration – Marketing (B108/158)
  • Business Administration – Human Resources (B144/154)
  • Business Administration – Accounting (B107/B157)
  • Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (B122/B162)
  • Business Administration – Retail (B123/B163)
  • Business Administration – International Business (B131/B161)
  • Business Administration – Finance (B130/B150)

Our Consultants, supported by faculty and industry coaches, will work with the client to establish the best approach to their business challenges including:

  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Marketing plans
  • Social media strategies
  • Financial analysis
  • Pro-Forma and cash flow statements
  • Project management support

The Centre for Business has an established an enviable track record since 2009 in consulting projects, providing 200 students with:

  • 44 applied consulting projects ranging from not-for-profit to government
  • 210 hours per semester of field education conservatively generated for each student
  • 42,000 hours of field education created or 23 years

As an outcome of their work on projects:

  • 9 students have received full-time employment from their clients
  • 33 students have been hired to execute additional paid consulting projects
  • 2 students opened a full-time marketing consultancy, creating their own employment

theinstitute_03Get Involved:

To begin the process of solving your business issue, please email a brief description of your issue and when you would like us to begin to the email address below.  You will be contacted within 24 hours:

Location: 200 King St. E., The Consulting Hub, Rm 168B/174B, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 3A8


  • For-profit organizations: $30/hour  to a cap of $2,400 for a group of 4 students for the completion of the contract
  • Not-for-profit organizations: Pro-bono

Client Testimonials:

“George Brown’s project management intern program has been a great support to our new projects. Each intern has come with a diverse work and academic background and lent their project management tools and planning processes for: stakeholder mapping, strategic analysis of peer programs or supporting a complex construction project with multiple stakeholders. I strongly recommend businesses and other not-for-profits take advantage of this valuable program that offers students real-life projects to test their skills for a career in project management.”
Martha McGrath
Manager of Development & P.R., Aptus Treatment Centre

“Better than paid consulting”
John Scholls
Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

“The students provided a thorough report that saved me months of time doing market research and analysis and included practical recommendations that will seriously be considered as options for our company.” 
Sue Langlois 
Founder/CEO of WOW Network

“The bottom line is that our team at OneSmartWorld is now using the Go-to-Market Guide to implement the strategy and tactics they developed for our social networking, SEO, marketing, messaging and for our partnership network distribution protocols in Canada and US.” 
Bob Wiele
President and Founder, OneSmartWorld

Students’ Benefits:

  • Opportunity to get paid and/or receive academic credit by working on real life projects
  • Resume and portfolio building
  • Expanded professional and peer network
  • Experience a high performing and team-oriented culture
  • Increased self-confidence and enhanced soft skills and technical skills

Clients’ Benefits:

  • Low-cost access to significant physical and intellectual resources
  • Application of entrepreneurial concepts and principles to increase capacity, productivity and sustainability
  • Idea generation of alternate revenue streams
  • Facilitation of strategic alliances
  • Practical solutions, recommendations and hands-on assistance

Quotes from student consultants about their experience:

“You learn so much more by doing things as opposed to reading or hearing about them. It’s a great challenge and it inspired me to start my own consulting practice.” 
Jeffrey Ribeiro

“Dealing with the realities of business gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, confidence and pride.” 
Veronika Kvon

“Now I feel confident in my ability to perform in a professional work environment.” 
Nikky Riley

Examples of Past Projects:

Feasibility Study for APEX PR

Apex PR is a collection of senior level strategists that provide clients with creative ideas with a concentration on consumer brands, corporate and financial communications, and technology. 

The Challenge: Determine the attractiveness of the Video PR market and the possibilities of incorporating it into APEX. 

The Result: IGNITE Consulting provided concrete recommendations with complete research to help APEX PR make a strategic decision to use video and internet for media engagement, press releases and direct-to-audience engagement.

Go-to-Market Guide for OneSmartWorld (OSW)

OneSmartWorld helps people, teams and organizations everywhere learn to use their total intelligence to work smarter together and succeed. 

The Challenge: Develop a Go-to-Market Guide with effective social media and web tactics. 

The Result: The team put together a powerful combination of research on competitors, different business models, the market, best practices, and an extensive list of actionable strategies for OSW and the use of social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Marketing Research and Business Planning for PlayLab

PlayLab Inc. offers a series of unique hands-on project based educational experiences for students in Grades 1– 6

The Challenge: Create a marketing and sales strategy with a database of prospective clients; develop branding, web and social media strategies. 

The Result: The strategy born of this project provided PlayLab with increased opportunity for market outreach to a broader base and large pool of potential customers. The consultants established a base from which PlayLab can communicate with the world!