Alumni Stories – Robin Paul

computertechnology_Robin_PaulWireless Technology (post-graduate, three semester) Graduated 2007

When explaining Wireless technology, Robin Paul makes sure to use layman's terms so as not to confuse. This sensitivity to his audience is skill he picked up in his native India working as a telephone tech support agent for American users of Hewlett Packard products. Three years later he finds himself solving much more complex IT problems. And instead of resolving issues over the phone, he does so in person in the heart of Toronto's financial District.

As a client services representative for Toronto’s Data Impeccable Inc., Robin is responsible for keeping a handful of small to medium firms connected and communicative at all times. This could include setting up their Wireless networks or resolving issues related to their computers, servers, handheld devices, software applications or databases—anything IT-related.

So how does someone go from working in a call centre in New Delhi to Toronto’s Bay St.? There are many contributing factors. First, Robin benefited from a strong English-based education in his birthplace of Punjab, India. Next, he beat out fierce competition to get an electronics engineering degree. Then he gathered some valuable IT-related work experience with a multi-national corporation. But those elements alone would not have gotten him his current job. “George Brown College was the crucial link,” he says.

Now settled in Toronto’s Beach area, Robin finds time to enjoy the City’s offerings including the occasional home cooked meal—or a close facsimile thereof—which he finds miles away from the downtown core in the suburb of Brampton. “Like my George Brown education, it’s definitely worth the trip,” he says.

Grateful for his experience in Toronto, he adds, “I hope to one day be able to give back to George Brown College as an employer.”