Alumni Stories – Liberty Chisasuro

Computer Programmer Analyst - T127, Graduated 2007


In his native Zimbabwe, then 14-year-old Liberty Chisasuro began his first job working with computers in his uncle's shop. It was at that early age that he realized he had a natural ability for a career in IT. That ability, along with the security of a good job in the booming IT industry, was a factor in Chisasuro's decision. After coming to Canada with his family in 2001, he chose the Computer Programmer/Analyst program at George Brown because of the convenient downtown location.

As a relative newcomer to Canada, Chisasuro quickly discovered that the college proved to offer more than just convenience. "Getting to meet and interact with a diverse group of people was one of my best experiences at George Brown College. " He recalls, "I think George Brown College is that one college in Ontario that truly embraces the multicultural population of Toronto; you could see that in every classroom."

Now working as a Web Applications Programmer with Performance Challenges Corporation, Chisasuro owes much of his success to his experience at George Brown. "The program at George Brown College …gives you a lot of options in regards to what direction you want to take...", says Chisasuro, "By the time you graduate, you have hands-on experience in at least 4-5 different programming languages... This guarantees you lots of options or job types to choose from." Chisasuro found the program content to be relevant and current. He also credits some of his faculty for their hand in creating a welcoming and professional environment in which to learn. "Our professors encouraged development of team skills by including a lot of group work throughout the courses." he adds.

The experience has paid off. Shortly after graduation, Chisasuro landed his current job. "I work in the data-center with a small team of programmers and database architects." he explains, "My primary role is to develop database driven web-applications". Chisasuro spends much of his day writing code to modify existing systems and doing custom upgrades for the company's many clients, including Rogers, one of the largest.

What's next for Chisasuro? "I plan on completing a degree at Ryerson in IT-Management." He answers, "I have no plans on leaving Toronto."