Alumni Stories

caet_Kamran_KhanComputer Systems Technology program – T147
Graduated 2007 

For Kamran Khan, the most rewarding part of the job is a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from a successful implementation.  "Each day that I take on a new challenge and succeed, it builds a strong foundation of confidence which propels me to excel in the field." 

Prior to enrolling in the program there was quite of bit of extensive research done by Kamran. "All statistics showed that in the IT sector growth was still prevalent in the Wireless communications, network administration, and systems administration industries."  Kamran was glad he made the choice to enrol in the Computer Systems Technology program as it ultimately led him to be selected as Convocation valedictorian, his pinnacle experience during his presence at George Brown.

As part of a project management course, Kamran completed a work placement with an up and coming company called Jambo Mobile (currently have merged with Silverbirch Studios  "They assigned many projects to my group that directly aligned with our studies at George Brown - like exchange server administration and network implementations/planning.  At the end of the placement they offered me a job, but I was looking for something different at my stage in life. "

Kamran is currently employed as a Clinical Management Systems Implementation Team Lead at Alpha Global IT.  "Special projects are something that I undertake at almost a daily basis.  Whether it’s dealing with physicians for projects in India, Newfoundland, or Manitoba, implementing network environments for our internal departments or acting as project lead for a company wide rollout of a Customer Relationship Software solution - I embark on new projects quite often."

Kamran has always been an advocate of continuing studies.  "I personally will be looking into enrolling in some management courses.  There is no doubt that GBC has all the knowledge and tools that I need to be successful in my line of work!"