Community Partnerships Office

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The Community Partnerships Office (CPO) creates innovative partnerships that build city, community and College capacity through education. Our mandate is to facilitate the social and economic development of GTA communities through strategic, collaborative initiatives and partnerships. Linked with multiple partners from every sector– corporate, service, civil society, education, labour and government – we have served over 30,000 non-traditional students since 2005, helping them to achieve educational success and have delivered over 300 programs that lead to improved community health and sustainable employment.

By securing partners, projects and funding, the CPO helps to build stronger partnership roles for the College and to pioneer experiential learning and innovation in delivery.

Increased collaboration with our internal College partners multiplies the support and benefits that community and students receive. And increased collaboration with industry and community partners promotes economic development and provides myriad employment experiences and opportunities.


  • Create innovative partnerships
    Expand the college’s community partnerships through creative and customized programming.
    Build and maintain partnerships to help employers to access the workforce skills they need to compete.
  • Provide equitable access
    Engage employers and attract students through innovative programs that create opportunities in post-secondary education and pathways into fulfilling careers.
  • Add value
    Empower individuals, employers and communities to realize their potential.
    Conduct evidence-based research which contributes to the college’s role as a knowledge centre and a community asset.
  • Advance change
    Contribute to public dialogue and policy reform on workforce development, education and community development.

Community Partnerships Publications