George Brown Chef School Alumni Robert Rainford

Culinary Arts program


Chef Robert Rainford makes a clear distinction between eating and dining.

"When you're going out to dine, you're out to experience the chef's imagination," says Rainford.

Many food lovers in Toronto and across Canada have experienced the wonder of his culinary insights. The George Brown College graduate is the television host of Food Network Canada's barbecue series, Licence to Grill and has sharpened his knives in some of the finest kitchens in the city, including Kensington Kitchen, Sen5es and Accolade/Crown Plaza.

When Rainford was in his mid-20s and deciding what to do with his life, he applied to the George Brown culinary program. His decision was fuelled by his passion for fine dining.

"I loved going to all the good restaurants in Toronto," he says. "George Brown was in the city. It fit into my lifestyle at that point."

His decision to attend GBC in 1994, after applying to many renowned cooking schools, was the right choice.

"It gave me a base, everything I needed to converge into becoming a chef," Rainford says, who had limited cooking experience before going into the program.

Rainford now imparts his cooking wisdom to the chefs of the future as a Continuing Education instructor at George Brown. In 2002, he began teaching courses such as Food Theory and Culinary Arts Level 1. He says the program helps students expand their imaginations and gives them the ability to think step-by-step about the cooking process.

"Courses at George Brown give students the opportunity to ingest the knowledge," he says, adding that the college is the ideal place to transition from wanting to become a chef to being one.

His advice to those aspiring to be chefs - get a good education.

"Educate yourself by getting into an accredited, reputable program."