George Brown Chef School Alumni Annabelle Waugh

Recipe for Success

Photo of Annabelle Waugh

Since graduating from George Brown College’s Culinary Management program in 1999, Annabelle Waugh has built up an enviable culinary resume. Appropriately enough, it was a fellow George Brown grad and renowned Canadian food personality who set her on the path to success.  “I was working on a year-long co-op assignment with Bonnie Stern and she suggested I try George Brown,” remembers Annabelle.  “I haven’t looked back since!”

Annabelle praises the Culinary Management program for giving her the skills and self-reliance she needed to thrive.  “The course gave me such a solid basis in food knowledge and helped to prepare me for the seriousness of working in the food industry. That foundation of hard work set the stage for me in all my future endeavours,” she explains. “And it also instilled the confidence I needed to seize the opportunities that came my way.”

Soon after graduating, Annabelle landed herself a dream job in the Canadian Living Open New Browser Window test kitchen, developing recipes for its popular magazine, website and bestselling cookbooks.  After six productive years, Annabelle left Canadian Living to launch her own food consulting business as a recipe developer and editor. She also made numerous television appearances to share her food expertise. Coming full circle, she returned to Canadian Living in 2010 as Food Director.  In that capacity, she is also the host of TIFF’s Food on Film Subscription Series which brings together chefs, food experts and film lovers for cinema and conversation.

“The grounding I received at George Brown is what’s allowed me to have such a rich and varied career,” Annabelle explains.  “So it’s important for me to offer mentorship to current students, the food professionals of the future, because I got lots of help and advice along the way.”

Under Annabelle’s direction, Canadian Living holds numerous events at George Brown and The Chef’s House, and their test kitchen regularly hosts externship students from the College.  “I tell the students it’s not enough to find the doorways to the careers you want, you need the courage to walk through them,” she laughs.  “When in doubt, say yes!”